Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where was the Dragon?

I took some days off. It is not that I was going somewhere. I just wanted to get away from something. My objective, getting as far away as I could from the computer and the Internet. I was trying to think and I found that the endless flow of information was causing a sort of "noise" in my head, loud enough to keep me from hearing myself. A warning blinked in red "Brain Overload." "Shut Down System."

Seeing me singing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty that the city should give me its key.." was not as alarming as watching me waltzing around the cave in a pink tutu and a helmet with long blonde braids attached to it. Nothing ends until the fat lady sings.

Tassin, my taskmaster and the dwarf in charge of taking care of the dragon, commanded dwarves to disconnect everything lest Father Dragon's brain getting fried beyond repair. Internet modem was shut down and all social media was closed and taped. The change was not smooth. I fled out in a sudden need to get in touch with life beyond the keyboard and the screen. Those odd creatures that you can see move, hear them talk, and who actually smell to something... and cut you off in traffic jams. I can't stand them for long but I was in a what the heck mode. In such mode, I thought on breaking the vegan diet. Pizza, hot tamales (die of envy, Alex ;)) Chinese food, wine, cake, dragon gods forbidden chicken! And I started my first day off with food poisoning. The irony, it wasn't any of the forbidden food that got my stomach upside down. It was broccoli, simple, badly cooked, worst preserved murderous broccoli.

Just as good. My body managed to take the broccoli out of my system as my head managed a reset. In such a pitiful state I hardly had strength to move from my favorite spot, I got my claws on an anime series. Dragon digs anime. Death Note was such an evocative title. My brain was still flashing the "Out of Service" sign when I started watching. Two episodes were enough to make it reboot and work again. Five hours later, I was still in the same spot, with my eyes glued to the TV and my brain working at its best speed, encouraged by the series most compelling plot. I had to force myself to turn the TV off in order to get some sleep but I finished watching the whole two seasons that very weekend.

My dragonness back in a 80%, I tried the streets two more times with better results. This time I didn't have any broccoli. Chinese did great. The awarded iPad I was waiting for 3 months finally arrived. "Hallelujah!!" the dwarves chanted in chorus. Before I had it figured out I was downloading the art software and trying to paint with it... and before I realized it, I was having an affair with iPad, Procreate, and tango, rumba and mambo. Try painting and dancing on your chair at the same time. Blissful blessed fun.

All the times my Internet connection sucked so much the service was down for weeks, I suffered from withdrawal. Withdrawal was nowhere to be seen this time. The only thing I checked sporadically these days was my personal mail. No emergencies, no fire, no flares with the dragon signal, okay, back to fun! I was happily lost in the dragon dimension, getting what Gary could call "a blogger detox." Experimenting with my new toy in a creative way, feeling the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of figuring out new technology, I had the chance to make silence in my mind and heart, still my emotions and settle down some things that were bothering me enormously. More than I wanted to accept.

Father Dragon was in the dragon dimension SPA. Dwarves got beauty treatments, beards trimmed, relaxing massages, sun tan, and some lifting that made them look 3 hours younger.They came back with mints and niceties. I came back with a lesson.

Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. If you ask for something, make sure you DO UNDERSTAND what it is EXACTLY that you are asking for, what's the FULL scope of it, and what are the changes having your wish granted would bring to your life. Above all, make sure you're wanting to go with those changes as much as you want your wish come true. It sounds very silly, but it is rather common that we tend to wish carelessly. It is rather common that we want the wish granted but we don't want the responsibilities and the hard work that comes with it. It is even more common that once we have the wish manifesting itself, we scream in terror at the sight of what comes with the package. That might be because we never truly believed the wish would really be granted in the first place.

I'll certainly discuss this more later. For now, Father Dragon is here and I'll see you on Wednesday for the IWSG. Dragon hugs to you.
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