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It's been a couple of years since we heard anything from Nottingham's dark indie rockers The Death Notes.Changes in their line-up have delayed them for a while and they have obviously been working on new material and a new sound.Yes, the Death Notes were delayedbut not defeated.The Death Notes are never defeated.

Returning with brand new vocalist Mark replacing Elaine, The Death Notes have made a very bold move from female to male driven vocals.How their old songs may sound with a new vocalist is yet to be explored but from what the band have said through social media they are concentrating on writing new material rather than rehashing old songs for their new vocalist.

First official release is Panacea which features not only Mark's drastically different vocal style but a rather new sound for the band as a whole.The slightly spooky, post-punk driven guitar & bass sound of The Death Notes is still there but somewhat crisper than before.Perhaps a little less grunge tainted and presented in a more gothic style.The band's similarities with The Pixies & The Banshees are still there but have been cleared up to a more heady sound, maybe reminiscent of Killing Joke.Mark's vocals are smooth, strong and clear which move the Death Notes out of their previous niche and into the field with bands such as The Last Cry and Star Industry.

Some fans may be disappointed and miss the old sound of The Death Notes.Some fans will definitely love the new material.Whichever side of the fence you are on it cannot be denied that this band are pushing out some tremendous work with their new sound and you won't want to miss out on what they have coming up next

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