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Issue #21

September 8, 2013

North Republic Industries

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It speaks for it's self, no?

The Newspaper Industry is not only one of the biggest industries in the region it is also one that is constantly changing at least in some parts. So with that there are three new or new and coming papers to the industry. First off we have the Industrial Republican Times published by KAR Industries, this new paper which is being done in a style like the Allied Republican and the paper seems to be making some success which is good news for KARI which had fallen into a rut in business lately, if they can keep this paper going then they might just be able to save the company. Next we have The Real published by Southern Republic Industries, this papers seems to be focused on real life issues and problems. The paper doesn't seem to be doing as well as the Industrial Republican Times. However if it keeps going then maybe it will make it. Last but not least is the Allied Observer published by International Computers and Machines. The paper recently did it's first issue which was nice and small with time the paper might be able to improve upon it's self and become better.


Some of the Leaders of the Revolutionary Coup

That's right if you haven't heard about it now, you will. The Allied Republics has been under several Coups, the Revolutionary Coup and the Economic Coup. Both are completely separate but are happening at the same time.

First off is the Revolutionary Coup lead by Free State, Sethanon, Lewis and Daniel and other important people. In an amazing event the Revolutionary forces were able to capture both TNR and Mytzonia, this victory probably has to deal with the fact that their guards had little to no experience what so ever, three even fell over their own two feet. With two of the biggest government officials captured by the Revolutionaries and the Vice President not wanting to help them, he was too busy searching for cake and pressing buttons, the Revolutionaries were able to put into place their own government. Free States was declared Lord Protector and Secretary of Defense, Sethanon the Interim President, and Lewis and Daniel the Chief Justice and Ron Paul as the Emperor. With this new found power Lewis and Daniel was quick to sentence both TNR and Mytzonia to Wakemondo, aka hueco mundo, after a very speedy trial. In addition Lewis and Daniel ordered that TNR's mouth, ears, and eyes to be bound and sealed. It was reported that he has been having delusions ever since. Since they are placed in such a sound prison and demission escape is impossible and rescue is suicide. The Revolution is making great progress and is expected to win.

Next is the Economic Coup, lead by Kevo. Kevo started this coup with the mass buying of stock of several companies. He then declared himself the owner of these companies and then paid himself a large bonus. The Company not having this money he declared that the stockholders would have to pay for the company losses. This caused him to take them all to court. The response? Counter sue him. Because of this the courts are seeing lots of cases. However many people are displeased at this coup and are looking at it strange, like when someone farts in a room. Some have called this suicide and perhaps this is Kevo's way of going out with a bang, or not, we don't really know.


A great new thing has come to our region, before all we had were the old shelves of the University and the archive and the private shelves of the estates but now Imperium has found the National Library. It will work to compile works of many into this location to help store for others to read and learn from becoming both a memento and a sense of History and knowledge. Already the Library is putting the books on the shelves and with some help too, Lewis and Daniel put in Aractia's LLM Thesis, his LLM Thesis from the UK, and he is working on putting in old copies of The Messenger. There are also many works that Imperium has put into the Library. So far the library is getting off to a great start and we hope that it will continue to grow and become a grand place.


Our Senate isn't nearly as active as this.

That's right, our senate is once again slow, and by slow we mean slowpoke slow. Since the General Elections, maybe even before our senate has done little or at least that is the word on the street and from the looks of it, it doesn't look like it's wrong. Complaints are also rising up about Senators not following the laws, which at a time like this with so much happening many might be asking are we even following the law like we should? Are we abusing the Law? For we all know that when you abuse the law or disregard the law it eventually leads to our laws meaning nothing what so ever which would lead to our collapse. Additionally it looks like the Mid-term elections are right around the corner and with the Senate having done so little, it might just be a record or at the least people are going to be thinking hard about who to put into the senate and who to re-elect. But hopefully after the mid-terms the Senate will get out of this rut.


We just really didn't know what to put here, so you got this cool piece of work

Currently North Republic Industries is conducting it's own survey to see what people think about the company and about some other things. So far several people have filled it out and we hope that more people will do so in the immediate future. In other notes NRI is always looking for new people who want to set up new companies, by setting up a company with NRI you are getting experience and help from the company that will help your company grow. The SOBC is also working on it's soaps however it would like for more subscribers. NRI is continuing to work for the community and doing what it can.


Well here's a little look at how businesses seem to be doing. The Business sector seems to be doing just about the same, some more companies are joining the stock exchange and more companies are being created. However the business sector is still lacking with even more companies falling inactive and going out on hiatus. Luckily graphics companies seem to be doing well, an industry that has always been in demand and one with good profits. However money flow still seems to be limited in areas and the economy is still suffering some, which isn't helping the economy at all. So spend your money!


Recently there as been the creation of two new states in the region, State A which will most likely be named Mars Inc. and Sonoma. So far the states seem to be getting off to a good start with both having already held elections or in the process of doing so. As one person said Sonoma is already looking like a mini version of TAR, Mars Inc. however is colonizing mars probably because of the immense profits. Mars Inc. is also going for a more corporate style while also having communists moes and Nationalists. Hopefully these two new states will bring great joy and activity to the region and also to themselves. Perhaps the states can even interact with each other later on.


Hello, Hello, Hello we are once again back for another addition to my favorite section. Remember that the names of the new ones are links to MyAnimeList were you can find more information, Synopsis, reviews, average score, Voice Actors, and more! Also I would be happy to talk about any series or movie that you might want to discuss. Also I have found out about a new anime site. Once again I shall list the names of those I have done. Also Lewis and Daniel is always happy to talk about anime with you. Or if you need to know some anime sites just ask! This time you will also be getting a Summer time edition! Why because with summer coming round you might just have more time to spend watching anime and reading manga not just short ones either. Also we have a couple new anime watching fans out there. We will keep up with these Summertime Editions for a while, while the summer and anime always stay in our heart. This might just be our last summertime edition sadly enough but I might just keep things the same and spice things up and put a couple new things in here.

Spice and Wolf

Nodame Cantabile

Code Geass

School Rumble

Honey and Clover


Great Teacher Onizuka

Eden of the East

Kimi ni Todoke


Ah My Goddess

Full Metal Panic


Kino's Journey

ef - a tale of memories

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



One Piece

Guin Saga



Glass Mask (2005)


Cowboy Bebop

Angel Beats!

Usagi Drop

Itazura na Kiss


Ouran High School Host Club

Princess Jellyfish


Hanasaku Iroha

Skip Beat!

Kids on the Slope

Eureka Seven

Death Note

Black Lagoon

One Outs

Princess Tutu

Fullmetal Alchemist

Love Hina


The one thing I'd like to talk about right now is Hayao Miyazaki, apparently in Italy not too long ago the President of Studio Ghibli announced that the 'god of anime' Hayao Miyazaki would be retiring from making full feature films. However something like this has happened before and yet he went back and still did it again. As you may know this comes after his latest film was released The Wind Rises, which seems to be a great film and live up to it's expectations. It is uncertain if he will ever make another full feature film and this is surely a sad occasion non the less. But this also allows him to do other things with the company like make shorts, produce I'd think and help out in other areas. But I hope that he will come back and make another, as I'm sure we all do.

Next I'd like to talk about a magazine that might just interest your taste buds, I'm not sure I've talked about it in detail much but I think I have mentioned it once in a while. Otaku USA it is a bimonthly magazine that talks about anime, manga, gaming, J-pop, toys, and cosplay and probably a couple other things. This magazine has a lot including some pages of actual manga in every issue. Full color, nice cover. I like the magazine. Now a issue costs $5.99 if you subscribe it is $19.95 for one year or $39.95 for two. What I would recommend is if you are uncertain about it get one issue see how you like it and then if you want it only get one year. Why? Because every issue they send me a renewal certificate that says for one year it is $16.95 and for two $29.95 much cheaper. So try it out, they also have contests. Check it out!


Join the Church of Northerntal. We also always looking for new members for the Clergy.

The Church of Northerntal can fulfill requests such as marriages, funerals, blessings, and etc.

So We hope to see you at Cathedral of the Light here in TAR or one of our other locations.

Thank you

Read Lewis and Daniel's blog - The Lewis and Daniel of Anime!This ends Issue #21 of The Messenger. We have come a long way because of your support! We thank you for reading and hope that you will read the issues to come. And Thanks to all of you who have said that The Messenger is better that the Imperial Tabloids it means a lot, and we hope that you will continue this support forever and always. We are right now the #2 News out there!

If you have any comments please feel free to post. If you would like an advertisement in The Messenger the please contact NRI and we can work something out. Also if you want to write your own article in The Messenger then contact NRI or the Chief-in-Editor
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