Monday, September 23, 2013

Show your love with Rozen Maiden pinups

Pin-ups have a long standing tradition among fans of all types, and this time fans of the manga and anime Rozen Maiden are getting to join in it again.

Peach-Pit, the team behindis no stranger to pinup collaborations. In fact, there have been two previous ones, and now Kentaro Yabuki, the artist for the To Love Ru manga will be tackling the third in a series of pin-up nods to the series. The advertisement announcing this awesome undertaking promises it will be "a tribute to the best sisters" when it's released.

Yabuki is the third manga artist to create a pin-up tribute to the sisters. The first one was by Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei's Koji Kumeta and shows off doll number 5, Shinku, looking just as lovely in a kimono as she does in her usual Victorian style dress.

Obata Takeshi of Death Note and Bakuman fame penned the second pin-up tribute to Peach-Pit. Rather than focus on any of the main dolls, he instead draws inspiration from the body-less doll number seven Kirakishou.

When the pin-up is finally released in Weekly Shonen magazine, it will probably be as lovely as the rest, but just which doll (or dolls) we can expect is shrouded in mystery.

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