Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Otaking 4 Shingeki No Kyoujin

Believe it! It's Attack on Titan! The holy grail! For me, it's the return of my youth when I used to watch all the good shows during the 90's Toonami on Cartoon Network with Dragonball Z, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, and everything else in between. This show speaks for itself. If there was any anime show I would recommend to ANYONE, not even someone who really likes anime, It would have to be this. It's too easy of a choice and I recommend it to anyone who has been holding out.

Even before I embarked on this epic journey I had already heard good things about the show but I was thinking to myself, man it's probably just overrated. Maybe it was something overhyped by these anxious teenage fanboys. Actually even before I started watching Vanguard I already heard praises for the show but I just dismissed it. Not until I finished My Teen RomCom Snafu with sadness In my eyes that I willingly watched the first episode...

Four hours later, I was on Episode 10...in one sitting..I was already caught up. Holy crap is this show good, I was thinking to myself after I came to a halt. Everything that I envisioned in a story, without cliches and so many unexpected moments, came from this show. Remember when I said there's always a formula on how a series is developed? Nope, not here..

It's directed by the same guy that did Death Note which for many is one of the best anime series that has been created, so it's only logical that this would turn out fairly good right? Nope, even better! The directing, the animations, the musical score, and the story is excellent and captivating. The character progression is on point and there's even some humor added in this dark and twisted world. You'll wish every character in the show could survive because they'll all be your favorites. Now, the premise from the title seems pretty simple so I won't go off in a tangent. It's about giant human monsters of some sort that eats other humans for no reason whatsoever; it's pretty shocking psychologically and puts fear in front of the viewer. After the fourth episode, you will find out how unforgiving the show is but by then your already hooked and you want to find more. Did I mentions the 3d maneuver gear is the best engineering invention yet? Technically you'd probably break your back in real life if you were to use it but It's an amazing concept and everyone looks badass swinging from building to building (see spiderman?). The time period is also awesome where technological feats are limited within the community whilst dealing with monsters that, if they were to appear in this modern time period would still be hard to fend off.

The show is almost perfect. Yes, I said almost. This is one of the best anime shows I have seen in recent memory, Yet is still has some tendencies that make it less enjoyable. The biggest problem with the show is probably the pacing. At one point the show is going in overdrive mode with everything happening at once and you can't contain the excitement. You want to watch more and more but it suddenly comes to a halt. There are flashbacks, over excess of dialogue, and almost filler like episodes. Now, this isn't as bad as Naruto or Dragonball Z but waiting week after week without much progress in the story was pretty unnerving. Fortunately, the positives trumps the cons when it comes to this show; and there is a lot to be happy about.

If you haven't watched this show yet, what are you waiting for!? Go on any anime website! They'll probably have it. Stop reading the blog while your at it and full screen that thang. You'll get lost in the world of the Titans but pace yourself...waiting an episode a week for this amazing show is almost just as bad a getting eaten by Titan.


P.S. I actually forgot to mention the series has yet to conclude as there is only 22 of 25 I have seen at the moment...LOL!I might revisit this review if anything. Thanks!
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