Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pandora Hearts


This week has been incredibly long and tiring.

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday I went to comic con with Jonah and my dad.

The first day it opened at four, so we rode trax down to where it was at, then had to wait in an hour long line to get a wristband, then wait in another, although much shorter thankfully, line to get into the actual convention.

So honestly we only were there for about two hours before it closed at nine.

While we were there I bought a Black Butler poster, a Death Note, and this really cool print that one of my old teachers drew.

It's really cool, it's people dressed in wedding attire, but have creepy masks on.

All her drawings and prints gave off a really creepy vibe, I wanted to buy them all.

Besides seeing my old teacher, I saw a teacher who teaches at my school currently, my mom's cousin who also had a booth for a book, my uncle who does a podcast, my other uncle and aunt who were there all three days, and my family's old roommate, who wore a Chewbacca costume, and his wife who cosplayed as Princess Leia.

We left at around eight thirty, hoping to beat the crowd to the train.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

We got on a train we thought was ours, talked to some guys who also went to comic con, and then about a half an hour later we realized that we, and the guys who we were talking to, had gotten on the wrong train.

So we had to get off, take a different train to a stop, then get on another train so we could get back to where we started from.

So yeah, we definitely did not beat the crowd and had to stand most of the way home.

On the second day we got there at around two and there were a lot more people there than there were the day before.

We kinda did the same thing as on Thursday, just looked around at all the stuff.

That's all there really was to do to be honest, which kind of sucked, but oh well.

It was nice not having to wait in a huge freaking line again.

Afterwards, Jonah came over to my house and we got to cuddle and watch this show called Jericho which is soooooo good.

On the last day it was a bit more exciting.

Jonah, my dad and I all bought katanas from this guy who was selling them for $30.

Mine is black and has this really awesome silver flowery swirly design on it.

It's freaking gorgeous.

It was annoying having to carry the giant box it was contained in all day though.

There were so many people on the last day though.

They were lining up outside to get in and the fire marshals had to come because there were so many people in the building that it was a fire hazard.

So before we knew any of this, we all, including my aunt and uncle, went out to get some food and then come right back.

Well when they came back they said we couldn't go back into the building and would have to go back and wait in line if we wanted to get back in.

We were just planning on leaving, not wanting to wait again, but then my uncle saw a lady he used to work for who had a VIP pass and so she said we were with her and they let us in.

It was sweet.

When we got back in my dad went to go see William Shatner (Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series :D) speak while Jonah and I found two of our friends and talked to them for awhile.

When the speaking thing was over my dad came out and we went home.

Jonah came over again and we watched more Jericho and went outside and jumped on my tramp and stuff :3

So yeah, comic con was quite enjoyable.

I got some pretty cool stuff.

This week at school was long and boring.

I am so tired.

I don't think I was this tired last year.

And it's awful because the season is starting to change and it's beginning to get colder which means I'm starting to get depressed.

It's pretty certain I have SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is just where when the season changes I get really sad.

It's awful.

So since it's been raining a whole lot this week, and it's been a little bit chillier recently, this whole week I've felt like crying.

Mainly at school.

I don't know if it's just because I'm tired or what, but I'm just glad it's over.

Bleh, anyway, besides that, Jonah came over again this week and we kinda just talked and kissed and cuddled and stuff and went outside in my backyard.

Oh and we went to Macy's, which was alright I guess XD

It was really, extremely nice though :3

I love seeing him outside of school.

I really love him.

Oh but okay, so there's this girl at my school who Jonah met during the jump start days and I guess she kinda flirted with him a bit until Jonah told her that he and I were dating.

But anyway, he hadn't seen her since then until the other day while we were at Harmon's eating lunch.

So Jonah, Ike and I are eating and she comes over and wants to sit with us but we have to move to a bigger table because there wasn't enough room.

So she didn't really say anything weird, or like, say anything about Jonah and I.

But then a few days ago she came up while Jonah and I were walking in the hallway and she was like "Doesn't only kissing get boring?" and Jonah and I kinda looked and each other and just said no at the same time and then walked away.

And now, every time she sees Jonah and I walking together she's like "Are you two going to go make out by the shed?" because now she apparently knows that Jonah and I go behind the school after school and kiss.

But really.




She sees us she asks that.

Like freak, does she wanna come watch or something?

It's a bit buggy to be honest.

And gah, this guy who Jonah used to be friends with is driving me a little insane.

So he's nice and all I guess, but a bit ago he was sending me texts telling me I was beautiful and saying things that I thought were kinda flirtatious and then he told me not to tell Jonah what he was saying...

And so I did the opposite, because I don't want to be keeping secrets and stuff.

He said something like "don't tell Jonah because you're like his favourite toy and he doesn't want to share you with anyone else".


First of all, Jonah doesn't treat me like a "toy".

I'm not a toy, and he knows that.

And second of all, no duh he doesn't want to share me.

I'm his and only his.

It's pretty obvious as to why he wouldn't want to go around "sharing me" with other guys.


He's stopped mostly now, because Jonah talked to him about it and now they aren't really friends anymore...

Which I feel bad about...

So now he just asks me questions like "How's yours and Jonah's relationship? You know that this is usually the point in a relationship when things start heading south, more fighting and starting to become annoyed with one another".

But at least he isn't saying flirty stuff to me anymore.

I feel like this post has had a lot to do with Jonah...

Not that that's a bad thing :3, but I'll try to write about other things too.

Like how I pretty much hate every single person in my seminary class besides this guy, Anthony, who I've known since third grade and this other guy, Daniel who's pretty cool as well.

So we have a seating chart in there, and at first I was sitting next to Anthony, but then I got moved to the back because some stupid guy wouldn't shut up and so I had sit by the person he was talking to and he got moved to where I was sitting.

So now the guy I'm across from who is supposed to be my partner for when we're discussing stuff won't talk to me.

I kinda look over at him and try saying something and he ignores me.

So that's annoying.

And then there's girls who think the rules don't apply to them so they don't have to sit in their seating chart.

So they all sit there and talk loudly and throw stuff to each other.

And they all act like their better than everyone else, even though they always are coming to class ten minutes late.

One time they walked in during the prayer and then continued to talk, and then when they finally realized we were praying they were like "whoops! a hehehehehehehehe" and giggled the entire time.

Yeah, good to know you think walking in and disrupting everyone is hilarious.

No one thinks it's "cute" or "funny" that you come to class late.

It actually makes me wanna stab you with multiple sharp scripture markers.

On a more positive note, we had an assembly yesterday, so all our classes were shortened and we got an extra long lunch break.

The assembly was just the teacher's coming up and showing us their uh, talents I guess.

The teacher I saw at comic con can yodel and it's hilarious.

It started sprinkling while we were walking to Harmon's for lunch, then when we were leaving it was raining worse.

It was kinda fun to be out in though.

Jonah let me wear his blazer looking jacket, so I wasn't completely freezing.

Well anyway, I need to watch the new Dangan Ronpa episode and then go to bed, so here's the book.

Pandora Hearts is another anime/manga.

I'll bet you didn't see that coming, heh.

It's about this guy named Oz who is sent into this abyss place for years and has to make a contract with this girl named Alice who can transform into this monster thing.

When he gets out the abyss he's trying to find out who sent him into the abyss and help Alice retrieve her memories.

It's in my top five favourite animes.

It's pretty amazing.

Well anyway, sorry a lot of this post was about how many people are really bothering me lately...

I have more people, I'm just not going to write about them though...

Thanks for reading though :D

Goodbye for now!
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