Friday, November 29, 2013

Guilty Crown Part One


Guilty Crown takes place in Japan in the year 2039, ten years after the horrific Apocalypse virus brought the country to its knees and left the population paralyzed with fear. As a result of the devastation wrought by this virus, Japan had no choice but to accept massive levels of international aid. This effectively left Japan at the mercy of the organisation known as the GHQ. Now, a decade later, the country remains in a state of fear, with GHQ authorised to exterminate any possible cases of infection or any threats to GHQ. One group, known as the Undertakers (or Funeral Parlour to some), is fighting back to regain independence for Japan and hope for its people, all the while being slated as terrorists in the media.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cosplay Trends 2011

It's pick a year and any convention season and with that come was a "cosplay trends".

The "Cosplay Trend" appears to find something to help both sunny and bad.

It's photography toasty when something gets popular, any more great actually do it, pick a cleaner the anime/game/mange found for uncertainness befits, any fresh it becomes.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Issue #24

November 28, 2013

North Republic Industries
Hello to the person who reads this blog, in this blog you find a lot of about my life, tastes, hobbies and my biography.


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Divo of The Day "Zac Efron" (11/19/13)

ZACHARY DAVID ALEXANDER "ZAC" EFRON, was born October 18, 1987. Zac is an American actor and singer. Zac began acting professionally in the early 2000s, and became known as a after his lead roles in the , the series , and the 2007 film version of the Broadway musical . Zac has since starred in the films , , , , , and (voice only).Zac's surname, "Efron", means "lark" (a bird) in Hebrew, and comes from Zac's Ashkenazi Jewish paternal grandfather. Zac's recent ancestry also includes English, German, Irish, and Scottish. Zac took his first step toward acting at the age of eleven, after his parents noticed of his singing ability. Singing lessons soon led to an appearance in the production of "Gypsy" and he was hooked.Zac Efron (Photo by Just Jared)


German anime blogs are baaaaaaad

More news at six.

Hooray for even more lazy filler output. Don't worry, I'll get to the super-deep posts some other time. Perhaps in a few weeks. Who knows.

Danganronpa afterthoughts

Oh DanganronpaI finished watching this show and yet I can't say if it is a good or a bad show. I stopped reviewing it after episode 8 (that has nothing to do with the show's quality) so I guess first I better give you my opinion on the last episodes.

That was one impressive moment. And one unnecessary death.

PR: Viz Media Highlights A Score of Manga Releases That Make Ideal Gifts


2013 Holiday Wish List Includes New Manga Box Sets, Shojo And Shonen Manga Series, Deluxe Omnibus Editions, And Other Exciting Gifts
Issue #23

November 17, 2013

North Republic Industries

Top 10 Anime Duos


Top 10 Anime Duos

Dat Character Development

Hey everybody! Hope you had a good Halloween (for those of you that celebrate it), and for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you'll give it the breathing room it deserves before the Holiday Rush. I know I will: I vow not to watch a single holiday movie until at least after Thanksgiving (a rule I didn't follow last year and ended up watching them all in November, leaving me nothing in December). That and now that Halloween's done I can move on from my marathon of Tim Burton films and the like and go back to catching up on more anime, since the hunger for it's still alive and kicking (though I may need to set aside a block of time to rewatch Hunger Games before Catching Fire comes out WOOT!). But on the subject of anime, despite the fact that I've got a ton of other blog post drafts in my line up, I had to bring this topic up almost immediately as I've been giving it a lot of thought, especially while I'm continually working at the editorial process of my novel.

In terms of storytelling, the medium of anime has a lot going for it, since a lot of shows that are considered to be anime (whether you consider shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and RWBY to be a part of that is a whole 'nother kettle o' fish) not only come up with some of the coolest and most creative premises (right up there with BBC's Sherlock and The Walking Dead*), with a long history of taking its viewers on flights of fancy from epic space mech-battles to quirky romances with kitsune (fox-demons) and everything in between, but they ALSO, when done well, open some of the most delightful avenues for character development, since most animes (with the exception of OVAs) tend to consist of a series of episodes that can be anywhere from thirteen to fifty episodes long (or longer if we're talking the ongoing march of Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece).

Anime Characters?

Greetings Guys, Gals, and Pals,


some animes.

Last summer, a friend of mine drew my attention towards anime series. Although I had watched some before (e.g. Yu-Gi-OH!), I had'nt really liked those with japanese audio and subtitles. But he showed me that watching series with subtitles is not uncomfortable at all. So I was really into animes since last may until september (then I stopped, because it took up too much time and I felt I had already seen all good series). Though it was only a short time, I have watched many animes. I want to write about some of them here, especially those, which are not so well known (so not something like Death Note). Please note, these are not all the animes I have watched, and not all my favorites (maybe I'll write a post about the best ones later). However, lets's start:


Thoughts: Log Horizon Episode 8

I just recently watched the newest installment of Log Horizon and I was expecting some action again but instead of them being in an actual battle, the episode seems to have taken the intellectual battle path.I would have probably said that this path is what makes me bored in seeing in anime or movies but Log Horizon made me stay on my chair and watch the entire episode with me wanting more.It looked like it will become one of my personal favorites, along with Sword Art Online, Death Note, and Code Geass.A total of 25 episodes and not yet halfway, everything is looking good on my end.Log Horizon delivers what I wanted and the only thing missing would be someone cosplaying Akutsuki and I get to have a picture with her.

Just a quick though post about the anime, nothing to spoil it too much but if you haven't watched Log Horizon, start watching it today with episode 1!I'd rate it a 9/10 now but it may change depending on how the story flows and how they would end it or have it setup for a second season or even a full-blown long series like Naruto and Bleach.Man, those two anime are long but filled with fillers.Hope they don't do that kind of thing but I guess I can't complain much since Log Horizon is doing better.

Tokyo Toys: Anime Merchandise

(Photos of mug.. TBC)

Another product review coming your way... So on Thursday I was browsing on one of my favourite anime merchandise sites which isI have recently fallen in love with the new anime series Shingeki No Kyojin (also known as ATTACK ON TITAN) and I have wanted to buy a piece of merchandise of that anime for quite a few weeks now so I looked at their designated page on their website for Attack on Titan merchandise and saw awith the main characters on it. I have always been intrigued with wall scrolls as they look really nice and come in cool designs, and are also very different to your average posters. So I decided to purchase a wall scroll from that anime and also following my love for the anime series Ao No Exorcist (BLUE EXORCIST), I then looked at the merchandise they have for that and saw a , I was intrigued when I saw this because I thought you get 1 Rin & 1 Yukio mug but when it arrived it was 1 mug with both of them printed on each side. Productshere is the place to go. Range of Products: 5/5 They have a wide range of anime merchandise from the mainly popular animes including: Pokemon, High School of the Dead, Vampire Knight, Attack on Titan, Ao No Exorcist, Death Note, My Neighbour Totoro, Black Butler, Naruto, Bleach, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and lots more. They also have a wide range of items from: cosplay outfits, figurines, onsies, key-rings, posters & wall scrolls, purses + wallets, contact lenses, bags and other fashion accessories.
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The Death Note dilemma

Would you do it?

If you had a Death Note, where if you could write down the name of any individual and kill them, would you choose to do it? And if you had that sort of ability, how often would you use it? The idea of writing off some horrible person, like a dictator, or mass murderer seems really appealing, and you might think you're doing a just and moral thing, but are you really? How guilty is the murderer of a murderer? Everyone at some point has had these sort of dark and destructive emotions towards another person, and you've wished with all your might that the person who did you wrong would just drop dead. It is a very natural feeling that we all have from time to time. Still, if a Death Note fell onto your lap, would you be able to write someone's name in it, knowing you caused someone's demise?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Anime Vegas 2013 (and reminiscing about Anime Vegas in general)

One of the things I always loved about Vegas before I even lived there and was just going for vacational purposes, is Anime Vegas. It's the biggest anime con in Vegas held once a year usually every Labor Day weekend though lately it's also been held during Veteran's Day weekend. It's been held at the Cashman Center most often than not, but it has also been held at the Renaissance Hotel (including this year) and the Alexis Park Hotel. It's organized by Richard Stott, a dude that pays out of his pocket year after year to make it happen. I know the con has had its ups and downs throughout the years, but regardless we have him to thank for his efforts to keep it going.

Rich Stott, the man that makes it happen. He actually has a panel at the end of each con called the 'Bitch at Rich' session where people can complain about what sucked about the con so that he can hopefully improve it the following year.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Top Anime Series

A list of my favourite anime series. It will be continuously updated.

The first 5 series are my top 5, but after that, I just list them in no particular order. All are really good anime series that I would recommend.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Few Thoughts on a Few Anime

At last, I have watched Coppelion and Samurai Flamenco.Also, my dear readers, my brother is now enjoying Hajime no Ippo Rising with me.Actually, there is one more show which I have not mentioned yet: Freezing Vibration.Allow me to give a few brief observations on all of them lest I already fail to keep my goal of writing one post per diem!

1) Coppelion - 3 episodes

Horror Movie List Update

Somewhere along the way we started watching a lot of horror movies in October. It started with shows that were suitable for adding some fun to The Kids' preparations for Hallowe'en, and the tradition grew through the years. Now I try to see a few I've never seen before. This is the list we have so far. I'm trying to update code for films where the embed code I used no longer works. I'm surprised at how often public domain films disappear from one place and have to be relocated somewhere else. If I've written a blog post about a particular film, that post is linked below: