Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ryuk. MiMi said this word to me and I thought she said "Puke."

Instead, he is her favorite character in the Anime series, Death Note. He is the god of death, so he's kind of evil, but he's not, he's indifferent - most of the time. He drops his Death Note in the human world, and watches the guy who picks it up and what happens to that guy. Why does he drop it? Because he's bored.

Indifference, boredom, ambivalence are new hallmarks of our child's existence. Welcome to age 12.

However, the best thing about this character is that Ryuk loves apples. So, although I couldn't figure out why my daughter was suddenly asking for apples in the grocery store, MiMi is eating apples without me forcing them on her. And that makes me happy.

Now if she could only find a Japanese god who loves to eat asparagus
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