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Death Note 2013/09/06

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Death Note


Death Note (Desu N?to) is a Japanese manga series created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata. The series centers around a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone by writing the victim's name and picturing his or her face. The plot follows his attempt to create and lead a world cleansed of evil using the book, and the complex conflict between himself and his antagonists.

The series is about Light Yagami, an extremely intelligent young man who resents the crime and corruption in the world. His life undergoes a drastic change when he discovers a mysterious notebook, known as the "Death Note", lying on the ground. The Death Note's instructions claim that if a human's name is written within it, that person shall die. Light is initially skeptical of the notebook's authenticity, but after experimenting with it, Light realizes that the Death Note is real. After meeting with the previous owner of the Death Note, a shinigami named Ryuk, Light seeks to become "the God of the New World" by p

Astro Boy

Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu, literally "Mighty Atom") is a Japanese manga series and television program first broadcast in Japan from 1963 to 1966. The story follows the adventures of a robot boy and a selection of other characters along the way.

Astro Boy is a science fiction series set in a futuristic world where androids co-exist with humans. Its focus is on the adventures of the titular "Astro Boy" (or simply "Astro"), a powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science Doctor Tenma to replace his son Tobio, who died in a car accident, Dr. Tenma built Astro in Tobio's image and treated him as lovingly as if he were the real Tobio, but soon realized that the little android could not fill the void of his lost son, especially since Astro could not grow or express human aesthetics (in one set of panels, Astro is shown preferring the mechanical shapes of cubes over the organic shapes of flowers). In the original 1960 edition, Tenma rejected Astro and sold him to a cruel circus owner, Hamegg, who abused the performers.

While Astro languished in Hamegg's circus, Professor Ochanomizu, the new head of the Ministry of Science, noticed Astro Boy performing in the circus. He managed to make Hamegg turn Astro over to him. He brought Astro along and treated him gently and warmly, becoming his legal guardian. He soon realized that Astro was gifted with superior powers and skills, as well as the ability to experience human emotions.

Oh My Goddess!

Oh My Goddess! (Aa Megami-sama), also known as Ah! My Goddess!, is a seinen manga series by Kosuke Fujishima currently serialized in Kodansha's monthly Afternoon magazine. It was first published in 1988-08-25 (the September issue). Originally a typical magical girlfriend/ romantic comedy, over time it has grown to feature more action and the latest variant has had a greater focus on developing the mystical aspects of the world in which it is set. There are also four anime offshoots. The title is a pun on the common phrase "Oh my God."

The plot of the manga (and of most OMG series) centers on a good-natured, yet hapless and girlfriend-less college freshman named Keiichi Morisato. He is often imposed upon by his elder dorm-mates and brow-beaten into taking phone messages and doing miscellaneous chores for them. One day, while alone in his dorm, an attempt to relay a message to one of his senior dorm-mates is surprisingly redirected. To his surprise, he discovers that he has actually dialed the number of the Goddess Technical Help Line (literally translated as Goddess Relief Line). Before he can explain his error, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy (Japanese transliteration of the Norse Ver?andi) materializes in his room. She tells him that her agency has received a system request from him, and has sent her to grant him one wish. Keiichi is skeptical, thinking it more plausible that his dormmates are playing some manner of practical joke on him. He seeks to defuse the prank by asking Belldandy to stay with h

im forever, thinking that when the wish was refused, as it must be, he would have turned the tables on them.

Cross Game

Cross Game (Kurosu G?mu) is a romantic comedy baseball manga series by Mitsuru Adachi that was serialized by Shogakukan in Weekly Sh?nen Sunday between 11 May 2005 (issue 22/23) and 17 February 2010 (issue 12).It is collected in 17 tank?bon volumes, with the final volume published in April 2010, shortly after the end of the anime series. It received the 54th Shogakukan Manga Award for sh?nen manga in 2009, and has been praised internationally as quietly brilliant and a great success. The series was adapted as a 50-episode anime television series that aired on the TV Tokyo network from 5 April 2009 to 28 March 2010. The first episode of the anime, which covers the time frame of the first volume of the manga, received high praise, even outside of Japan.

At the start of Part One, Ko Kitamura, son of the owner of Kitamura Sports, lives in the same neighborhood as the batting center run by the Tsukishima family. Due to their proximity and the relationship between their businesses, the Kitamura and Tsukishima families have been close for many years, and their children go back and forth between the two homes. Because Ko and Wakaba are the same age and always together, Aoba is jealous of all the time Ko spends with her older sister. Aoba is a natural pitcher with excellent form, and Ko secretly trains to become as good as she is, even while publicly showing little interest in baseball. Then Wakaba dies in a swimming accident at a summer camp during fifth grade.
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