Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 day anime challenge!!

hi i found this on tumblr & decided to do it here to revive my dead blogspot anyway here's it i may cheat a little and do more than one question each day

DAY ONE very first anime you watched

death note i think thanks to justin's influence he was in the death note craze and i was just like i have never seen justin fangirling over something before might as well try it out + chel and isabelle seem to be so into anime anyway wonder what's up with that

it hooked me from the first episode it wasn't even a fair fight (i didn't put one up anyway) i loved the thrill and it was the first time i've enjoyed a series not just anime (i'm not sure whether my brony spouts were before or after this) i really liked it a lot and i appreciated all that thinking it made me do it's like brain gym but fun

i watched the subs at first and eventually i couldn't find subs on yt anymore so i turned to dubs and it was my very first glimpse into the horrors of the dubbed world but i really loved the potato chip scene

also i ship matt and mello so damn hard

i think that was my first time ever shipping for yaoi i didn't even know doujins existed let alone yaoi!! matt x mello and light x lawliet forever

i really liked the death note art that time but now that i've been introduced to jun maeda i'm having third and fourth thoughts already
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