Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is the best part about being a kid?!

Back in the days, I was a huge fan of mangas! 10 years ago I just stopped watching them all together. I don't know why and how that happened but it just did. I was watching Naruto and Bleach from episode one, every week and one day *PUFF* no more. 2 days ago I was thinking that there are a couple of anime that I would like to see. Death Note and Detective Conan came to mind. Yes i know, I am old and bla bla bla... Oh well. Everyone is as old as they think they are, right?! I have been on intensive treatment of Death Note, I have watched 20 episodes between yesterday and today.

And yes as usual, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I ended up thinking about the love(?) between Light and Misa. I have to say that I have not finished the whole series so I dont know how things will end up between them but ... I LOVE MISA! Yes one could argue that I fall in love quite easily and that is kind of true... but i love certain aspect of people. I love how Misa is committed to Light even tho he made it quite clear that he didn't want to be with her. She just knows that he is the love of her life.

Light is such a bastard but still he started to care for her and protect her. As weird as it sounds I find myself in this type of love. Ok it must suck to love someone that clearly says " i am using you " but if this is what you feel and you know that it is true and for some random reason it ends up being true love... well then it would be MAGIC. I am not sure that I would have the power to do what Misa did. But if a girl was able to do something like this for me ... if if if... I am not even sure that I would like it to be honest. Maybe i would take her for granted and since there are no obstacles I would not want her. It's really hard to understand what I want... I mean, I know what I want but... I don't know how to get it... AAAAAAAA.. Sometimes I just want to scream!!

At the end of the day I always end up with more questions than answers.
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