Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Ramblings 1

Hey there folks! Today I will be introducing the first installment of my Weekly Ramblings posts. The goal here is that I just sit down for 15 minutes at the end of the week and write down whatever comes to mind. So without further a-do, here we go!

So Microsoft has just (well sort of) announced that it will no longer be imposing the draconian regulations it had previously meant to use for the upcoming Xbox One console. Namely: You will no longer need to connect to the internet once ever 24 hours in order to play, and you will nowbe able to trade used games as normal. While I welcome the news I can't help but be skeptical about Microsoft's change of heart. Multiple times during E3 that stated that they were standing behind their policies and that anyone who disagreed should, for lack of a better term, stuff off. The only reason they've made the change is for business reasons, not because they genuinely believe they were wrong, so I really hope that people don't forgive Microsoft too easily I know I haven't.

Now i've got that out of the way I might take some time to fill you folks in on . I watch Anime fairly slowly, but i'm steadily watching my way through Death Note and loving every moment of it. There was a bit of a lull half way through, but things are picking up again!

Persona 3 is my main focus gaming-wise, but to be honest I can only describe it as a bit of a slog. The game itself is fun, but sometimes it feels a bit more like work, and fusing together Personas to create my ultimate partner is tedious at best. Tartarus makes me sad inside, which is all the more reason I have to beat it! I've got Corpse Party: Book of Shadows to play, but i'm still trying to get over the change in gameplay from the original game; it's just not the same. A friend has lent me Pokemon Conquest, so i'm very tentatively starting to get into that. So far it just looks like a very basic tactics game featuring Pokemon and Samurai Warriors (but I suppose that's pretty cool in itself).

I'm finally starting to get into Rewrite after a fairly average common route. I'm told it only gets better from where i'm up to, but i'm not quite convinced yet. I've disagreed with popular opinion about VN quality before, but I don't want to be the black sheep all the time.

That's it for this week! I hope it wasn't too boring. Is there anything you'd like me to discuss next week? Any burning questions you just have to have answered? Let me know!

And just because a weekly quote would do that much more to make me look smart:

"They're not called miracles because they don't happen, they're called miracles because they do happen, even when things seem hopeless" - Kanon (Visual Novel by Key)
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