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An Opinion: Walk on In

While I know that it's from the anime (obvious), it's the closest thing to what we have to the love triangle in the fanfic (the boys in love with each other albeit they are oblivious to love LITERALLY and Shirley to Lelouch and she doesn't know about the recent addition to the Lamperouge household.)

Let me just give you a brief review of Code Geass as a whole (yes, that includes R2): It's good but not great. The melodrama didn't flow well (much like Death Note) in my opinion and sometimes very contrived. The series is as subtle as an elephant dancing ballet to Swan Lake, wearing a tutu. They had some very interesting ideas that carried through. While the politics in the series can be a bit stuffy (a very nationalistic show), it's an alternate universe that they took good use of. It's very hammy and very hopeful which is the point that contrasts it from Death Note. This also carries through to the spin-offs.

Now moving on with the fanfic review and why I think it is my personal favorite amongst the retellings of CG.While most stories would go through the same route as the anime without putting much thought in another perspective (there are exceptions that I won't named since opinions vary), this story instead went off in a different direction and instead sets on reconstructing the series.

Yes, unlike the brutal deconstruction of Gundam as it is (even though Gundam do tend to deconstruct itself later), it's reconstructing everything from Suzaku's patriotism (I highly doubt he'll backstab them this time) to C.C.'s place in the plans (She is running from Zero and Mao) to Marianne's place (a majority of characters take it upon themselves to take care of her children) to Suzaku's place as a Knight to Lelouch (instead of becoming Euphie's, he's Lelouch's first and foremost).

It's actually subtle (and respects its characters) and keep you guessing with mysteries and secrets upon mysteries and secrets. It helps since it has very good writing of ambiguity. There are guesses for Zero's identity out there (Marianne is the most possible but Akito and Rai could be possible too. It has to be a canon character, someone that knows the inner working of the Britannian Royalty, someone connected to that coin). It expands on Canon with a noteworthy perspective. I love it when people explored with different eyes.

The series could actually divulge on things that the anime could've touched upon (the executives again). The author could tell how C.C. came to be in this story and how she's involved.

There are some inconsistencies since the FBI was mentioned (unless it's fiction within fiction because Britania have their Knights of Round and soldiers even though I don't doubt Charles would have a secret service). Technically Britannians are British moved to America but they're not Americans. Then again, Britannia is both modern America and Britain set in the Sixties.

I'll split it up into sections and subsections because it's much easier to explain. And the Plot and Culmination will always be the last to discuss. The story itself is rather complex for thirty episodes (I say episodes because it is patterned like an episode).

This could get supremely analytical. And it might get confusing since I have a habit of rambling.


The story depicted Lelouch as someone who chose to live his life and not pursue vengeance. He's still a Broken Bird.

Lelouch: He's very kind and trusting yet he's still broken. Yeah but being tsundere, he refused to admit it. He takes the place as the girl in romcoms, you know being the love interest of a 'bad boy', heart of the story (and the characters), reason for motivation. The reason why he is like this because there had been some incident in the past that he is trying to redeem himself. According to one single action in the prologue, he is willing to go up against Zero's men who is attacking C.C. The entire prologue establishes his character in this fic.

Literature is a different medium from film. After the action is depicted if in writing, it would be explained in thought later on. However in film, it would be explained in actions. The story, while not at the zenith of "show, don't tell", has showing first. The thought process is something used to describe the mind and only on that person. We know it but others don't. Forgive me for going off topic. Obviously from other posts, you can see that I tend to go on and on and get off topic.

Continuing about Lelouch, he's very sentimental. He allows his emotions to get the better of him even though he know better (IC victory!). He see these strays as himself, trying to run away from a large governmental figure with no home. Repeatedly and rightfully, many people pointed out that it would get him killed and boy he almost did. However, it's clear he can't help his heroic syndrome. He wants to save everyone. He's the messiah in this one as opposed to the dark messiah. He's pure, horrified at the sight of bodies in the Shinjuku massacre and C.C. even said to Suzaku that Lelouch would likely think badly of him if he reveals the bloodshed he had been apart of.

As stated in the caption, he's still a Broken Bird. He longs for his mother and happiness, trying to grasp whatever straws he had left and that is music. As stated in the chapter titled "Days", he uses music as escapism. It actually fit well with his canon Zero actions, taking his pain out into the world. He fears his mother hating him for doing something wrong.

He tends to avoid anyone including his own sister about personal problems which unfortunately unintentionally hurt them. He didn't try to keep people at arm's length, trying to make others see him as a villain. He didn't try to broaden his horizons until he fell in love. His tendency to keep secrets did end up biting him in the butt.

He's probably one of the most well-developed character in this fic. His character development and content with life is what makes him stand out from the main characters whose point of views are emphasized.

...Let's just hope that his Code and his mother's Geass don't ruin their lives.

Suzaku: Such a different Suzaku yet he is still in-character. I have this very strange habit recognizing in-character actions, very subtle ones like my brother's very weird habit of accidentally (really, it is!) coming upon harem anime.

I would call this Suzaku as the Suzaku in canon, a hypocrite. He kept people at arm's length only to back away upon his personal problems. He has a calling to be a knight one day (but I doubt he will be a perfect one; reconstruction or not, the fic is acknowledging its deconstruction). His knight goal in canon was to help the people not the ends justify the means. He felt that his lack of punishment is well lacking and he had been trying to kill himself. This Suzaku (in fic) repressed his pain and trauma until he blows up. The ghosts haunted him and he feared Lelouch will die because of him.

That doesn't mean he can have his fun. He's still the Stepford Smiler in CG as always. He tends to be the tease, always flirting and nearly seducing Lelouch in the latest omake. C.C. even has a camera to prove it. His personality is to hide and repress his pain. Lelouch wants to see that smile, something that Suzaku wants in return.

I don't doubt he will commit atrocities like his canon self. He do take account of others but he is selfish, wanting to protect and love Lelouch. C.C. noted that he's using him. His selfishness is very much emphasized. He wants his revenge and did not take account of what others thought because that's all he wanted.

He's very well-developed for a Black Knight.

C.C: She's still a Broken Bird with a Sugar Ice Bird personality in this. However, it's worth noting that she considerably grown during her stay with the Lamperouges. She had been accepted into the household, helping with the groceries and playing with Nunnally; She became part of the family. It rather makes a surprising difference with Suzaku who kept people at a distance.

Throughout the story, she was defrosted that even she noticed when she escaped Mao's wrath with Lelouch in "Run". She knows stuff that she better withheld, knowing that it'll hurt the Lamperouges. She's very wise in regards to feelings and did not want any of them (especially one who would inevitably fall in love). She inevitably became one of those overprotective guardians.

It's very likely she knows who Lelouch and Nunnally is. She just doesn't know the coin's symbolism and significance to Zero. She knows that they are living happy lives and she doesn't want to throw their lives into a loop.

Not much of her backstory has been discussed yet. There might be a possiblity her past had been changed in some circumstances.

Nunnally: She's still the kind disabled princess we know and love. I'll make a remark about Alice once or twice which revealed according to AO3 to be an official couple amongst SuzaLulu, Kalino, and Sayomiah.

She wants her brother to be happy. The incident made her very concerned and it's implied that she became crippled in that. If hospital bills that was mentioned in the prologue "Stalkers" is true, then she is taking physical therapy. When she notices her brother was off, she needs to know and savor the knowledge that her brother trusts her the most. She also has a hand on matchmaking her dear brother and his loving biker and a mischievous sense of humor.

If Nunnally had regained her eyesight at the end of the series, then likely she will here but the circumstances are unknown. She has to earn her happy ending.

Her best friend Alice is a stalwart companion to her since, someone Lelouch trusts wholeheartedly. She isn't developed much but her scene in the end of "Theft" had proved that the two had always been together.

Suzaku's promise to Nunnally to protect her brother and become his Knight would likely play a huge part in the future.

Ohgi: I highly doubt that he'll be traversing down the path of idiocy in this story. Yeah, I thought he was stupid too in R2. I'm adding a bit of Viletta discussion in this mess.

Working as an owner of a coffee shop, he is the Everyman which I loved to bits about Ohgi until his rather dubious actions in R2. Seeing this is going in the way of fanon, he's ultimately the levelheaded one. Viletta herself is the PE teacher at Ashford way before any of this fiasco will be going on and I doubt she's spying on Lelouch for one; a regular Britannian teacher. She is even aware of the Black Knights (I think...).

He's one of the point of views we get to see so he's going to be very important. He seems to represent Suzaku in canon as Naoto represented Lelouch in canon. Their past were almost similar as if they are taking the place of the canon selves.

He could be a messiah if not for his willingness to fight in the battlefield. Lelouch stated that he's not the type to hate needlessly and Ohgi acknowledges it. He wants to regain the country's colors. However, he does not want any civilians caught in the mess which is sensible unless he know their past.

Now, Ohgi does not know his friend is a prince. Yet. Nor his boss is also his friend's mother.

Kallen: She's still the spunky girl we know although her hatred has transcended. Unlike her canon self, she will not attend Ashford Academy or Uni either. She's also part of the gang too and would have connections to get into Ashford (being half Brit and all).

While not much of her had been discussed yet, it's still pretty much the same as the canon self. She's still developed enough.

Gino: Gino here is still a happy-go-lucky guy albeit a Stepford Smiler due to Anya's death. Yeah, Anya just got a bridge dropped on her.

Not much of Gino is known in this story unless you take account of canon. But if we do look at his past in canon, then why the hell is he part of a Britannian gang? I would understand the Knights of Round. Actually, we still have yet to know more about the Holy Assassins other than V.V. (being a reconstruction of CG, not the killer of Marianne but rather her rival). There was a throwaway comment that the Holy Assassins is a 'corps' of sorts. Still, we need to know more.

Gino was training to be a Knight until the shipwreck. According to Lelouch, he would have been a part of the Knights of Round.

I could divulge what I could get from Lelouch's expression about Gino in "Appointment". He's an energetic prodigy, having been friends with Lelouch and his sister for many years. Due to Anya's death, he became hollow and vengeful that V.V. had ordered him not to do it. Also he said he is willing to commit murder suicide with Suzaku and Kallen's deaths. Yeah, it's messed up.

Likely, he will know Zero's true identity and the entire story (but he can't say it out straight due to complications) thanks to V.V. He has been put on the bus since "Rest" so I can't discuss it much.

Rolo: Rolo is still raised to be a killer but now he sees Lelouch as his living emotional crutch. His character is much more expanded, revealing in this canon at least that he does not have geass.

The Geass Cult raised children to be assassins, yes, as weapons. Rolo on the other hand in this fiction was raised rather 'traditionally' in the role of being an assassin.

Some of his past were shown in brief flashbacks as being raised to be a killing machine with no emotions and no thoughts of music. He's only starting to open up due to Lelouch's words. He have absolutely nothing to lose, according to him, when he learned Lelouch's imperial status.

He, like Gino, been put on the bus since the ending of the Holy Assassins Arc as the author called it.

The Royal Siblings: In this story, Cornelia li, Euphemia li, Clovis la, and Schneizel el are very close to Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia. Not much of them are known as of now so I can't discuss the sisters.

Schneizel is quite a change of character. He's the real Light Yagami expy, not Lelouch in the original canon (Lack of Empathy; I wouldn't call him a sociopath/psychopath since he lacks ambition). Here, he cares for his beloved siblings so much, acting as both the reasonable authority and the eldest sibling of the group (he is the second prince). From his little rant at the end of "Knight" and supported by Lelouch's dreading thoughts in "Rest", he is willing to burn Japan in revenge for taking the lives of his precious siblings. However, since he was able to see or meet his siblings in Area 11 when he was sent there three years ago, he was able to let go the idea of revenge, knowing that they were living peaceful lives. I don't know about his willingness to take the throne yet; he might even throw in his support to any one of the top contenders.

Clovis still takes the doomed route. As the designated villain, he had cruelly ordered to kill the Shinjuku residents to cover his mistakes. The Black Knights are less than pleased. Yet they did not take into account of revenge; it's made pretty much canon in this story that he is avenging Lelouch, Nunnally, and Marianne...that and covering up his mistakes. He's a very insecure man, something the Black Knights didn't think of.

The Siblings will reunite and you know it.

The Student Council: The student council (Milly, Shirley, Rivalz, Nina) loves Lelouch and want to make him happy and not make him suffer emotional/traumatic pain ever again (maybe comical pain...). They pretty much love him. Nina had not been discussed yet in the story so I won't analyze it other than the fact that she was kidnapped by the Japanese when she was a child.

As opposed to falling in love with him, Milly loves him as a little brother. She recognizes that he don't have true smiles and wish to make his life great and meaningful (and not stuck in the past) with assortment of blackmail and festivals. When she realized what kind of relationship Lelouch has with Suzaku, she's happy to know that he connected with someone who don't know his true identity. She acts like the cool big sis that I love about her.

Shirley is something I tend to see as a surrogate sister to Lelouch. Her crush, much like Molly's crush on Sherlock, is just a crush. I just hope it don't blind her to the truth that Lelouch is in love with someone else. Her relationship is quite meaningful that Lelouch is willing to trust her very much to take care of his sister when he's gone.

Rivalz had been developed somewhat. He's concerned (rightfully) about Lelouch, wanting him to live like a normal teenager (he's not normal to begin with). His friendship is very meaningful; he refuses to take any bull from him and wanted answers and he did. He became close to Lelouch since then, I believe.

Now, I believe they will play a larger role in the future.

Marianne: A very important character I'll discuss. Her death was the trigger to Lelouch's start of darkness in canon that is (in here, Lelouch didn't go through with it since he made a promise to his sister to never fall into the dark path ever again after an unknown incident) and the start of this story again.

This time, her purity sue personality is now carried through but she's still Marianne the Flash. I still think that 'purity sue' part would be deconstructed with her playing the part of Zero which I'll made clear in the next section.

In canon, Marianne displays herself as a kind rebellious Empress who cares for her children. In reality, she is none of these; selfish and manipulative, she fooled everyone to believe so, even her own children who she care to some extent...but not enough to stop the war against Japan.

My thoughts with the out-of-nowhere twist? Stupid, STUPID, STUPID! I know the writers are trying to make Lelouch's life a living hell (to make him more appreciative of what life had already given him) but this twist had not been even hinted at. There's a reason why Magic Knight Rayearth's twist so well is because of its pure manner of a typical RPG game and it's created with no plot holes. That twist left a lot of holes to be filled in.

Yeah, this is the twist I hate in R2. It doesn't make bloody sense.

I would actually prefer if Marianne actually disagreed with the plan and keeps a rational head. In fact, she could've been Zero if Lelouch nor Suzaku was not. Britannia could actually wrong her time to time especially since she's of commoner blood and have to keep a regal posture at all times even though she might hated it.

That's what this fanfiction had done and for that, I love Tainted Ink and Paper.

She had been protecting her children for so long (and now as Zero, she'll make a perfect world for them and get rid of those who wronged her...even though I think Lelouch gonna stop her). It makes an interesting foil with Ohgi. Ohgi is not a father yet but he upheld a fatherly presence. Given this series' good writing this far, I expected there to be foils. Ohgi has been protecting Kallen, having promising Naoto. They both are doing it for noble reasons.

Marianne is a very important character that had not yet been discussed to a large length so it's short.

But you consider the Zero section an extension.

ZERO (S/he warranted his own section)

Just who is Zero?

Unlike the original in which we know who the hell Zero is, this series would keep us wanting to know who is behind the mask.

You have to remember that the mask has a voice modulator so it makes him so unrecognizable. The only one(s) who know his true identity would be C.C. and possibly Mao. The Black Knights, Jeremiah, Sayoko, Lelouch, the Royal Siblings (excluding Clovis at the last minute of his confrontation), basically anyone out there doesn't know.

The series made a point of Zero existing. Does he exist? Of course he does. But just how he came to existence?

There were theories that ran through the reviews are usually Marianne and Lelouch. Since chapters denied Lelouch (how the hell can he be in two places at once? The recent arc Lancelot on it's first chapter no less basically Josses Lelouch ever having a double life or a Jekyll and Hyde problem) especially the current chapter, Marianne seems the best choice right now. There might be a possibility it could be Rai or even Akito but Marianne herself. It better pay off since the 'Yusei = Z-one' did not. *whimpers* It was such a good twist if that happened if the pillar of hope had lost hope due to his friends' deaths.

Let me explain my reasoning:

Zero stated he was on that ship carrying Clovis' beloved 'deceased' relatives and on the ship that held an unknown project. However, we don't know how many canon Britannians is on that ship. Aside from the fact it's a Japanese cargo ship, I don't think any Japanese would know what is in that cargo they were transporting, which eventually revealed to be something important to the Britannian Royalty. The only people we soon know who was on that ship were Lelouch, Nunnally, Marianne, Sayoko, Jeremiah, Gino, and Anya. C.C. has the possibility of actually being in that ship and saving Marianne (and I have absolutely no doubt she knows the true titles of the Lampourages). In canon, C.C. did save Lelouch and the possibility saving Marianne is not too slim. The project itself is unknown too unless you know Canon which could related to the Geass. The probability of C.C. and Mao on that ship is none too slim. I don't know if Marianne know about the project or not but likely she did or she did at the last minute. The burning flag just helped it. You know, Clovis, you could just check the passenger list on that specific ship and deduced from what you remembered on who knows what.

It's worth noting that Marianne's official death was burning to death while her children was drowning. While the other passengers' deaths are unknown for the time being, it's safe.

That Britannian penny introduced in "Interview" inscribed with Marianne's initials on one side and a rose on the other just stepped up more evidence. It has to be someone close to Marianne if they got that coin. There is a possibility that she could have dropped it and Zero could've picked it up. That's very sensible idea. The coin itself is symbolic. It could be a gift from any relative of the Royal Family but more specifically from her own children. It's very likely she thinks her children had survived or else she wouldn't be setting up this rebellion. It's implied and confirmed by C.C. that Zero treasures that coin more than any other possession he has. The rose can be any meaning. Maybe the coin hold the meaning of having a peaceful life that she cannot return to (AKA her children) and are willing to make a peaceful life to her children. Lelouch, being the heart of this story, would have triggered it since he wanted to save everyone and live a peaceful life. That would have juxtaposes Nunnally's wish in the original.

More evidence came in a form of her posture. We know that Marianne was a consort regardless if she agree with Charles or not. Suzaku described Zero's steps as a royal since birth (oh dear, he have no idea he is serving as a loyal ace to Lelouch's mother). Other than Lelouch and Nunnally, who else is royalty on that ship? According to Nunnally, Lelouch walked like "model wearing high-heels - precise, quick." However, it had proven over and over that Lelouch is not Zero and this is coming from an author who loves another person behind Zero's mask (and I do love the creative idea behind it). Zero knows the royal family and therefore the project. According to Zero, it's the fact that Charles' blood made him hate and vowed vengeance for the wrongs he had given her. She hated all of it including the abuse especially when we later see in a flashback that Marianne had protected her children from being harmed by being hit by a wine bottle.

Anya's death. Do I need to say anymore?

V.V's involvement. In the original, V.V. killed Marianne...and well Marianne took control of Anya's body. Here, V.V. wanted everything to be stopped. Likely, he knows Marianne's true plans of summoning all the Geasses and Codes together. Everything went to hell since Lelouch, her son, now has a Code, not just anyone's, Nemo's. V.V. doesn't know that little problem. Yet.

Zero's planning on the battlefield. Sure Lelouch is a great strategist too but this is like his first time getting used to all the hell war has. Zero coolly handled everything without a pitch. It's even hinted that Zero might be a veteran out in the battlefield.

While we know that Zero since the end of R2 became a legacy character, the behavior will vary. Suzaku is more practical unlike the theatrical Lelouch. Here, Zero is keeping a level-head. There are hints that there are possibility of a woman behind it since C.C. had said Zero sat cross-legged. Lelouch sat like that too but Zero is much more cooler on the head.

The final evidence: Clovis' reaction. When Clovis 'reunited' with Lelouch in canon, he was happy (after getting over a little shock) until he was overcome with fear. In this, he reacts in pure shock and we don't get to see what else he had to say until he was geassed. RELATIONSHIPS

So close yet so far...

Suzaku/Lelouch: Their romance has pretty much began with laughs and tears. It's implied that their relationship began due to their actions. Suzaku sees him as the light of his day, his Heaven because of his relentless kindness and mercy while Lelouch loves the happiness Suzaku expresses no matter how much his internal pain extends because those smiles are so genuine unlike his. The two wants to be happy but being a retelling of Canon and with Geass involved it's bound to be suffering and to earn your happy ending.

Suzaku and Lelouch has difficult pasts. It's revealed that Suzaku was unable to kill his father due to Toudou's interference and he was involved with the rebellion since he was a kid. Filled with vengeance, he strived to bring down Britannia with the intent to kill the siblings who had 'died' on the ship, Eleventh Prince Lelouch and Fourth Princess Nunnally vi Britannia. Except he doesn't know that. Lelouch lost most of his family due to the fire and wanted revenge, but never carried through with it since the incident. They both want to be happy.

They gotten closer by knowing each other's past. They feel each other's strife and want to see the amazing person they grew to love (not that they know it). They are willing to look beyond the self-hate and gave them the love they needed. It wasn't what they had felt before.

Suzaku is willing to kill for Lelouch. He don't want to think what's life without him (not that he's aware of it). Seeing that this Lelouch will not likely dirty his hands, he'll be horrified. C.C. even said in "Rent" that Lelouch may care about the Black Knights' cause but I'll doubt he'll go through with violence because of the mysterious incident.

Their romance has hiccups along the way. Previously mentioned, Suzaku wanted to kill the consort and her children who had been on that ship years ago but since they 'died'... "Rest" and onwards clearly shows Lelouch expressing pain he was unable to understand. In canon, he could possibly be oblivious to love or just selectively oblivious to love but here, it's clear he's the former case. Shirley's attempts flies over his head while his blind sister notices it all. Suzaku is just through and through clueless.

They do got some humor at their expense (not that they know about their love yet). Ohgi thought the two had a sexual relationship and he, as the father figure, has to explain it to Suzaku one day. When Suzaku was dragging Lelouch somewhere private in "Days", onlookers were staring at them and one couple even said to ignore their public lover's quarrel.

Let's just pray they will have a happy ending. And I'll certainly love to see Lelouch's fangirls' faces that their idol is in love with a bad boy biker (misconceptions will pop up like Lelouch's type, sexuality, etc.).

Student Councilthere are other forms of love I think the show forget. I just don't like harem anime very much; I'm always shocked to see so much of that anime my brother watched.I doubt a harem would pop up in this series since SuzaLulu is the official couple, but I don't doubt that most of the characters who see Lelouch as admirable and merciful to such a incredible level would do anything for him to be safe.

Rivalz, when he learned the truth about Lelouch (much earlier than in the canon), wanted nothing more but to not have Lelouch subjected to any kind of horror every again. He is even willing to go out to the massacre and shoot soldiers no matter how inept he is with guns.

Shirley had been developed somewhat. She still have the crush yet it's more subtle than that. She and Suzaku has similar views on Lelouch's smile. She loves him for one of the reasons I can deduce: love of music. I couldn't help but notice that the two of them are also foils: cheery; bad luck that seems to catch them when they are trying to get close to Lelouch; willing to do anything for Lelouch... Her 'romance' with Lelouch in canon is too short-lived like Euphemia and Suzaku's. I always thought that these two pairings are too short to cultivate more; they might grow to love them but it seems too much like they are clinging to the happiness and love they are willing to give them for the time being; it'll grow into more if given more time and no war if possible. My opinion, remember. Also, I refuse to say anything about the argumentative fanbase on Shirley.

Nina is not developed as of yet. I hope to see Table-kun again...that poor table...

Royal Siblings & Lelouch: Loyal siblingswho wished nothing more than to avenge their 'deceased' siblings (with the exception of Euphie). They really, really love the vi Britannia's and boy would they be happy that they are alive...except Clovis who won't have the chance to see them. On the chapter "Rest", Lelouch then learns and had never anticipated that his father would invade Japan just for revenge but he knows his siblings. Confirmed in "Appointment", "Theft" and "Knight", Cornelia, Clovis, and Schneizel wanted nothing more but to burn Japan to the ground in revenge of their beloved 'deceased' family.

It's best emphasized in Clovis' scenes. In canon, he's the designated villain even though he's a very insecure man in reality. In here, he's still the designated villain who won't even had the chance to explain his behavior why he's killing the Shinjuku Ghetto residents. He is still haunted by the 'deaths' and wanted to be at peace with it by murder.

That's the point: Designated Villains. It's quite particular in Schneizel's case since he was the Light Yagami expy in the original (Okay, Lelouch has some similarities but Schneizel is the true case). He's the only one amongst the group of siblings who loved the vi Britannia's who know they are still alive. For god's sake, he even has the photo of a young teenage Lelouch and preteen Nunnally from blackmail. When he, Cecil, and Rivalz were looking for Lelouch, he had ordered to bring no harm to Lelouch or a mysterious accident (and a strip of rank) would happen. It's just largely emphasized where in canon he has no empathy and ambition and now he has empathy. The ambition part is left in the open.

Nunnally wants to see her brother happy, genuinely happy. When Suzaku was living with them, she noticed the growing attraction between them (along with everyone else in the house) and tried to nudge them in the right direction (strawberries; leaving them alone in the music room).

There isn't much information about Euphemia and Cornelia aside from their in-character actions such as mourning the 'deaths' of their precious siblings and Marianne. Let's just hope they reunite with their beloved Lelouch and Nunnally and not become 'Masscare Princess'.

Charles on the other hand is still the corrupt emperor he is. In canon, he's not too sympathetic (Marianne is much worse in Canon; I personally hate the twist involving Marianne. I could think of something better than that.). In this, he is willing to go as far as kill Lelouch, Nunnally, and one of his consorts to not get the project off of Britannia. I hope there are some development over his character since he's the big looming shadow. And the cause of grief of many characters.

I highly doubt that Zero would kill them but he will succeed in one, maybe two murders of the Royal Family. I just hope he didn't accidentally create a genocide.

The Black Knights & Lelouch: They are friends and are not willing to make sure he is not caught up in the rebellion. Well, sorry to disappoint but he will, being the lost prince of Britannia and all that.

Confirmed in "Knight", Ohgi wants to save him as a friend and not get him in the way of political chaos. He welcomed the quirks Lelouch has as a new flavor in life. In fact, Suzaku is willing to trust him more any than anybody on the gang.

I can't say anything much about what Kallen and the others think of Lelouch: strange quirky Britannian who is so different. Those who noticed that Suzaku is getting rather close to Lelouch couldn't help but notice his level of affection which Ohgi confirms that he is seeing Lelouch as the love of his life.

...Boy, would they be shocked that Lelouch, their quirky kind friend, is actually a prince of the country they are rebelling against.

Kallen/Gino: Relationship Writing Fumble did made this pairing rather popular (which I'll admit is a better couple than Kallen/Lelouch and I'll prefer it if she just admires Lelouch which would juxtaposes Shirley's crush).

Kallen has too much hatred clouding her to like a Britannian much like in Suzaku's case. He hates all Britannians except Lelouch and Nunnally (romantic in the first and sisterly in the second). I wonder how their relationship would go. There isn't much to talk about it since Gino hadn't realized that he's seeing her as something more in "Run".

The relationship of Kallen/Gino juxtaposes well with Lelouch/Suzaku. Their circumstances are similar sort of...

Rolo & Lelouch: Rolo still loves him. I still think in the original, Rolo is desperately in love with Lelouch. In here, I don't know much of his feelings about Lelouch but yet again it's up to interpretation.

Lelouch plays as both the Ice King and the Defroster of Ice Royalty (Rolo, Suzaku (whose internally cold and robotic), Schneizel). Lelouch opened up Rolo to other emotions, something he had been trying to do since. According to Milly, he wanted Nunnally to have a new friend.

Rolo was molded to be the perfect assassin, only killing when he wants to. Just when he met Lelouch, his emotions are slowly being revealed.

Since Rolo met him, he wanted to see him again and see that smile (which much like the love interests of Suzaku and Shirley). He wanted to live again and play the cello again. So Lelouch gave him a purpose in life again. I can't say much since not much about him is discovered yet.

He's one of the few who knew the truth about the royal statuses of the Lamperouges. And again, one of many who found purposes in Lelouch.

PLOT (could count as Overall if you want)

I know it's the original anime but he look every bit of the 'bad boy' archetype.

The plot itself is a Jigsaw. CG wasn't predictable at all; it tends to play up to many Humongous Mecha anime. Us readers know CG and expect things to go the same way...well sorta since Marianne is Zero instead of her son.

The story has been a decided thirty chap; Likely a condensation of both R1the siblings' unconditional love; Zero's identity; how the plot was triggered... There are a lot of throwaway comments that turned a darker meaning later on and there are lots of it. Foils still exist. If Zero really is Marianne in this fic, then Ohgi will foil her.

Regardless, it tells a good story of romance and laughter which breeds great character development and examination.

Final Grade: A



REVENGE: Time to time, this fic has proven it to be meaningless. In an incident that had traumatizes poor Lelouch, he had indirectly hurt Nunnally and had sworn to a promise to never die for her sake (Zero Requiem was thrown out of the window). Gino was so blinded by his revenge to take out Suzaku that he and Rolo were nearly killed in the process. Suzaku wants to kill the Royal Family for putting him through so much hell, particularly the lost siblings that had drowned at sea (Lelouch and Nunnally). While Zero is much active in her revenge and would likely succeed, her revenge would be just as meaningless if her children was readopted back into Royalty, particularly if Lelouch specifically became an enemy officially. The Royal Siblings (Schneizel, Cornelia, Clovis) wants revenge for their supposed dead vi Britannia's. Only two are willing are to let go of it: Lelouch and Schenizel; both want a happy lifestyle and the latter protected him as always. Gino somewhat put his revenge on hold until he gets his answers.

LOVE: Family and Friendship has been quite an impact. Since it centers on Lelouch (more him than Nunnally here, folks), it's apparent that it's the love of others that will pull through. Everyone will try to get over what they have inside and become strong. Lelouch may be too trusting but it's apparent his love for others will inspire them. That might be one of the reasons Suzaku fell for him in this fic. It was love that made what the characters do what they have to do in order to be happy or what path they believe they should take.

HUMANITY: One of the themes I theorized. Lloyd thought this as Suzaku stole Lancelot: "It was perhaps the only flaw in machines... no matter how human they look, there is no emotion in their eyes." Suzaku, in a rather unsubtle manner, fought like a robot and acts like one once fighting. It's his defense mechanism for dealing with his pain when on the battlefield. On "Theft", C.C. had warned Suzaku to not believe Lelouch as some kind of angel sent down from Heaven because she had observed Lelouch time to time and saw him try hiding his pain. All she meant to not see him as some kind of Manic Pixie Dream Guy which most people (those who don't know his inner pain) sees him as; handsome, kind, quirky, peaceful, wants the best for everyone...wants his mother even though she's dead, wants to atone what he had done to Nunnally, had once have the feeling to kill his family... Zero herself is quite robotic herself, going after revenge only and only seeking solace through a coin. Certain characters retain their humanity through some way or another, sometimes let something like revenge consume them.

SELFLESSNESS/SELFISHNESS: There's a bit of some people pushing Lelouch to go achieve his dreams. It's noted that he's too selfless to do so; for god's sake, he was the sacrificial lamb in his final plan in the anime. Rivalz wanted him to become a mastermind at chess or even an international pianist; Suzaku even supported the latter. Lelouch shrugged at both and only sees piano as a passion to just feel no matter how much of a genius he is. In fact if I'm correct, his wish to just save people means more than his piano-playing. Suzaku was in particular selfish in canon and you saw how that went.You saw how selfishness went with many characters even if they are selfless.


The song definitely fits Suzaku and Lelouch so damn appropriately. It might as well as go as far declaring "For Good" their theme.

I do love making predictions since it was instilled into me. Everything in this story is going to jammed together soon and I longed for more predictiions into the list. It's on hiatus and might even be taken off in a year or so. I just hope not because its potential is incredibly high.

Things are going fandom-wise, which means less "What an Idiot" situations (for god's sake, Code Geass TV Tropes page has one!). The predictions will be all over the place on this section, sorry.

In "Knight", Nemo had passed her code onto Lelouch, cursing him with the rest of the Codes and Geasses. Zero is collecting them for who knows what. He would soon know about the 'civilian' on the delivery truck carrying that thing he wants. I predict that he would try to get that civilian, but his subordinates don't know who it is except for Suzaku and Ohgi. They will try to keep him safe from Zero... well until Zero himself will know about Lelouch.

The Black Knights especially Suzaku will learn the truth about Lelouch and his sister's bloodline. Likewise, Lelouch will learn about the Black Knights and his connection to Zero. The circumstances of how will that happen is still up in the air. I just have no doubt that all of them will undergo a lot of pain especially since Lelouch is too damn kind to participate in bloodshed and likely want to change Britannian Political System from the inside.

Lelouch might return being a prince though. He might not want to be a political tool but again too strong-willed. He's very smart to know when he's being used and literally he will become the name of his current title (Viceroy). He may support the Black Knights' cause but he'll refuse any extreme use of violence, but I think he'll go to the extremes much like Nunnally in canon. I'll doubt he'll side with them since he have different methods up his sleeve. Look at Suzaku in canon: he supports the cause but chooses another method.

The Black Knights will be seeing lots of Lelouch during Zero's plan executions. Well, Lelouch was caught up in their first plan to reveal themselves to the public. For Zero's reaction, he will keep Lelouch's safety above all else.

Since Gino now know the truth, I highly doubt he can say outright. There are complications to say the least. Let's see Gino wanted revenge for Anya and he wants to kill Suzaku and the rest of the Black Knights. Suzaku has fallen in love with Lelouch, not knowing that he's the one he hates the most. Lelouch visa versa and heartbroken of the fact that Suzaku hates him. I highly doubt he will tell why he was so sad. Schneizel, Clovis, Cornelia, possibly Euphie would know about the Codes and Geasses and hope it won't ruin their lives. C.C is being stalked by Mao and chased by Zero. Lelouch might value the Black Knights' cause but he will refuse violence. Gino wants to protect Lelouch as the rest of the others.

Circumstances would force Lelouch to choose a side, specifically the Britannian. No matter how much he hates Britannia for taking away his happy life, he can change the world peacefully through his status. He is after all a rebel prince. Mind you, unlike the original, he didn't renounce his inheritance to the throne. Violence would not do well for him since he did suffer in one incident. In fact, unlike Suzaku who just go up ranks in the original, he doesn't have any power in politics just in the battlefield. Lelouch on the other hand have the power to change Britannia from the inside. While the finale make that work, this one make the two boys become what they are and not what they are really not in the original.

Euphie is currently staying at a hotel...likely the one that had held hostage in R1. She will know about her half-siblings' survival and I don't know if she will be the sub-viceroy of Area 11 again or not. I don't even know if she will whether or not figure out the identity of Zero before anyone else. Unlike Lelouch, Marianne won't let anything slip. I don't even know SAZ will happen in this universe since this universe is quite merciful in comparison to canon.

Euphie and Schneizel arrived in Japan prior to Clovis' death. The two in canon arrived after his death. Schneizel is there to unveil the Lancelot and a visit to Clovis with Euphie. I don't know about Cornelia but she'll be coming to fight Zero and the rebellion.

There will a whole lot of angst in this series, possibly more than canon. If Zero is Marianne and Lelouch returned to nobility, yeah... mother and son (and his romantic interest) will be fighting each other. There will be trust issues just as canon.

If Zero is Marianne, there will be a lot of pain. Absolutely no doubt. Her children will suffer even more and she was protecting them. That's what happened in canon. Her own ex-husband will manipulate her especially when Lelouch will return to his own nobility. Charles might even give her and her children fake memories.

Given that this is going in sort of a way of the original canon (Inoue and Yoshida died by assassination rather than their Knightmare exploding so I doubt that Marianne would carelessly leave to search for her children on the Black Rebellion but I don't doubt that the rebellion would extend to two years), I still expect some stations of canon to appear in this fic. Since the Shinjuku Massacre had appeared, I guessed the Damocles will still appear along with incident on Kawaguchi; Kamine Island Incident (the one with Charles and his plans for Instrumentality); and the Lampourages being discovered by their father and taken back to royalty...and one of them (Lelouch in this fic) will be assigned Viceroy of Area 11 with Euphie as Sub-Viceroy while Schneizel and Cornelia take on the war but their younger siblings also take part in the war; the Kyoto Group (funding, people! and I doubt Suzaku is disowned in this one) and Chinese Federation Arc; the Demon Monarch and the 100th Monarch of the Holy Empire of Britannia.

And the world domination plans among the Britannian Royalty who believe that world domination is the best way to achieve world peace...

I don't know about Narita and all the other battles in canon that will appear in this fic but I think that a lot of people are going to be spared.

The whole rebellion took two years in the anime which I predicted the same. The Shinjuku Massacre was just the beginning of the rebellion (stealing Britannian weaponry notwithstanding). I just don't know how it'll extend to that length, possibly Marianne losing her memories after she was forcefully taken in by Cornelia and Schneizel but how that'll happen is still up in the air (They seem to be the type to discover the identity of Zero and not want to believe it but it perhaps for the sake of their younger siblings... It seems to be the best choice because Gino and V.V., who might be the next Zero if Marianne decide to go through her Demon Monarch facade and Zero Requiem...which seems to fit with her official death now - after all, she has a lot of sins now she wants to atone for and being the Death Seeker is of course... - , are very much against Charles) and incidentally going through the same routine as her son now Viceroy of Area 11.

I am using logic to see how everything would work out in the end.

I don't know if Lelouch will be the canon Nunnally in this version (a political pawn even though his friends and siblings tried to prevent that; becoming the "figurehead" as the Viceroy of Area 11 in order to manipulate Marianne and the Black Knights and later becoming the universally loved Emperor - well, he almost loved by all in this fic, Nunnally achieved that in canon). He's much more stronger than that to resist being a political pawn but he as a prince has practically no say against his own father. His memories might be changed again. Nunnally doesn't look like she'll be politically active (yet) but she looks ready to fight like in Nightmare of Nunnally. Her goal was to be a singer and the dream is in reach. I don't know if she will be used as some sort of tool unless Alice is there.

The Lancelot is in need of fixing so Cecile and Lloyd has to join the Black Knights. On the other hand, Lloyd was accusing the Black Knight Suzaku when he hacked and stole the Lancelot and Cecile is with Schneizel and Rivalz. This would make it really great about their alignment.

If Zero really is Marianne (I've been saying this phrase a lot), I have no doubt like in R2 Jeremiah and Sayoko will join the Black Knights. They will keep a watch on Suzaku though because he did fall in love with Lelouch.

The story made it a point that revenge is completely meaningless (it is!). Really, it would be meaningless once they learned the truth. Even without knowing the truth, they love the Lampourage Siblings to kill them.

The Student Council's involvement would be very different. Since Rivalz learn just who Lelouch really is, he and Milly might band together to help Lelouch and Nunnally. I don't know about Nina since she is the psycho lesbian with Euphemia and I doubt Euphie will die in this story. I don't know if her bomb will appear. Shirley would still impact this story but since Lelouch is the messiah in this story, she might keep a level-head and tried to keep normalcy (or what's left of it). She's by the far the most normal because Rivalz just learned the truth in the latest chappie.

There might be a possibility that Rivalz would decide to join the militaryin canon there's literally nothing he could do. Milly would still have her talk show and possibly her festivals. Nina might still work on her engineering job and there might be a possibility that she'll be with Euphie on this fic. Shirley is still up in the air so I don't know but I like to think she'll make a great lawyer one day.

I predict that all of them (Lelouch's friends, acquaintances, siblings, and mother... EVERYONE) will band together to save Lelouch. How? I have no idea but I think it would happen some way or another.

The whams of the Codes and Geasses will exist which I know. I just don't know about the existence of the Geass Cult in this story since Rolo don't have one neither part of it.

Charles, of course, will die by whoever is Zero (Marianne). It's very, very likely that she knows of his plan and this time disagrees with him. The war with Japan is over resources and Charles and Marianne sent Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan, essentially abandoning them. In this story however, Marianne travels with her children and many others to Japan, not abandoning them... She technically abandon them since she's Zero and consumed with revenge. There might be a possibility she's watching from the shadows though.

As for the succession crisis... it's the circumstances that make me think that Lelouch would take over instead of Euphie or anyone; it certainly fulfills his wish to help and save the people, he had been playing the damsel too much even though he can still play the savior... however he's more emphatic this time and wants to save everyone, putting him on a different position.

Don't forget the incident with the other siblings at Pendragon. Schneizel may be the Crown Prince but remember he's the Chancellor in the end. The fic takes more into account of the original anime than any other spin-off like NoN even though Nemo is definitely there. Cornelia had no intention to take over the throne. Clovis died. Since this is taking place in the anime canon-verse, the siblings will reunite again and will be taken back into royalty. In Nightmare of Nunnally, Euphie became Empress and this is because of the ever running support. However, it's worth noting that both Lampourages never returned to royalty in that spin-off even though Nunnally did by the end.Nunnally wants to be a singer still but her friend would either become her personal knight or something like that. Euphemia is younger than Lelouch.

However, there might still be a chance that Euphie or Schneizel to become the next ruler of Britannia. There's not much development on them for the time being so that's why I called Lelouch as the next monarch. I just don't know about their personal knights after all (Suzaku is definitely Lelouch's, Alice's Nunnally's).

These are predictions; they might not be true anyway.

This is my opinion and please don't bash it. I'm only stating my own perspective on this particular work. I tend to ignore Fandom Rivalry, Flame Wars, any Internet Wars of any kind. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you send a Flame over my opinion, expect me to ignore your comment.

Respect the opinions of others no matter how much you want them to like what you want.

You do realize you can comment on my posts if only you press the title and scroll down to put down the comments. I do allow anonymous comments after all.
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