Friday, July 12, 2013

Posts and Their Length

So bright...

This is a short post I'll make on my post lengths.

On my Opinion post, it'll be majorly long. It'll be discussed in sections and sub-sections since I often feel the need to be eloquent. I want to discuss why the way it is to me. Despite all reassurances, I really can't help myself with spoilers. Just watch out for spoilers...

Fanfiction Recommendations tends to go from Summary and Review. They are often short enough.

Favorite would be very short since I'll usually be praising it and not too breathless on words.

Other posts that are just regular would depend based on how much I want to say. It could be placed amongst the Opinion collection if you want to think about it.

There will be grades now if there are anybody out there who prefers ratings (even though I don't).

This is a warning post so keep your head's up.

Yeah and another Opinion Post is coming soon.

I'm rewatching Death Note now but only on its dub. As expected, it's a Superlative Dub.
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