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Missing events of 2013 that you've not seen on my blog

Hello lovelies! Today might be special post because it's the last Sunday of 2013! Gosh time files soooo fast and it's almost new year! :O I'm not sure if you've noticed that some highlights of my life in 2013 that I have not post anything about them because; ONE: BUSY WITH OTHER REVIEW AND ADVERTORIAL POSTS and TWO: I WAS HECTIC WITH EXAMS AND ASSIGNMENTS and it would be awkward to blog about something that has passed soooo long ago and there's some memories that I've forgotten by the time I wanted to blog. So, this is sort of a flashback of missing events that you've not seen on my blog.

#1 CNY @ CAMERON HIGHLANDS & PENANG 2013 Let's start from Chinese New Year of 2013. CNY 2013 was truly an holiday getaway as my dad drove us to Cameron Highlands to have a cold CNY and I'm seriously in love with that place. Even though that place doesn't have any entertainment (I meant by games and stuff) but I love the cool nature environment and amazing view of green hills. Don't forget those yummy strawberries! :DAs far as I remembered while looking at those pictures, we stayed a couple of days at Equatorial Hotel with a cozy fireplace during the night (first time seeing a fireplace with FIRE lol) and during the day, we visited a temple at Brinchang town and saw that little Stitch? We managed to get from a claw machine for only RM1 hahaha it's a keychain by the way! That few days of humid cold weather was awesome :D

Our next destination to the north, the place that is related to me, and has placed a heart on this beautiful island where my dad had spend his childhood life, Penang.

Usually my family will do advance booking for a room hotel at Batu Ferringgi (the last time was ) and this year, we didn't planned to stay at any hotel and we decided to spend more time with my grandpa by staying at his house and went around Georgetown. First stop was NG clan association temple which has been there since the mid 19th or 20th centuries. I don't why but every time I'm at there, I felt welcomed and I feel like home. Later, we strode around Georgetown to find those wall street art that has been painted by the famous Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic. It has been a trilled couple of days with amazing trips and FOOD, of course.

#2 SUMMER GATHERING WITH SBS BESTIES @ CELADONHaving gathering has been our "tradition" since we got out from highschool and SBS (Seri Bintang Selatan) is my school's initial, just to let you know.This gathering was during beginning of September when Mandy came back from China for her visa and we took some time to meet each other at Celadon @ Pavilion to have a nice Thai dinner before she left China and I still remember I was quite late for the gathering because of traffic jams but I still managed to meet them up and had a great dinner that night. To be honest, the food at Celadon doesn't meet up my expectations which was an 'okay' dinner but having a great chat with my old friends makes up a good memories. Oh ya, Mandy gave a birthday present and I love it! :P

I've another gathering for Hui Sien & Poh Yee bday at 3 Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf but I recently found out that I have lost those pictures! T-T WHY. The food was delicious, FYI.

Here's my OOTD of the night post:

#3 UEL GALA NIGHT 2013 @ SERI PACIFIC HOTEL My first university prom since SBS prom night and of course, my expectations was much higher because SBS prom was amazing hahaha or maybe because I got prom date la :P Anyways, I was helping my cousin on her Pink N' Proper fashion show since Pink N' Proper was one of the sponsors. Went to hotel early for advanced preparation for the models (as in students) for dress fitting and on the spot, I dressed and done my makeup at the hotel room - first time! lol To honest, Gala Night was quite short as the event ends about 10 or 11pm-ish and most of time we spend time eating and talking lol. Nevertheless, we managed to snapped some pictures together with my course mates and that's the wrap of the night.

Here's my Gala Night OOTD post:

#4 ZHI YUEN'S 22TH BIRTHDAY @ VICTORIA STATION Last minute planned by Miss Zhi Yuen and we headed to Victoria Station that is located at Petaling Jaya to celebrate her 22th Birthday and everyone ordered a nice dish of steak, a plate of escargot and finally a nice rich chocolate brownie as her birthday cake since everyone is too full to get another bite lolIf I'm not mistaken, I ordered grilled medium rare beef with mushroom sauce and I wasn't really fond on that steak because the sauce doesn't taste nice but it has an amount of saltiness which I remembered lol. However, the rich chocolate brownie is really richly delicious except the 'nestle' vanila ice-cream lol.

#5 COLISEUM DINNER WITH FAMILYThis supposed to be foodie review but I don't think will post this food review up because I'm too lazy to do throwback post. I was told that Coliseum Cafe and Grill Room has expanded their branch to Petaling Jaya but we decided to try their legendary restaurant since 1921 that is located at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. The ambiance of the restaurant has not changed since 1921 which I felt I've traveled back to the mid 1920s, with their old tables and chairs which some has leather cracks and we have to put a cloth on top, otherwise we will have butt crack lol. Their dishes are western cuisine that is infused with Hainanese style cuisine. Food verdict? The oxtail soup and onion soup is too diluted and watery. My mum order Hainanese noodles and she wasn't satisfied with it. My dad ordered mixed grill and he was okay with it, my brother order Sizzling Chateaubriand steaks and he's okay with it. I ordered Supreme Chicken Cordon Bleu with brown sauce and it was okay too. Finally, we ordered Banana and Chocolate Spring Roll and my dad said it was nothing amazing about it. The end. LOL

#6 ALLIANZ HALLOWEEN NIGHT @ RENOMA CAFE GALLERYMy first ever Halloween night in 21 years LOL! First time ever, I dressed as a scary person that is close to a dead corpse hahaha. Anyways, I decided to dress as AMANE MISA FROM DEATH NOTE but, the zombie version. That costume was my old cosplay cloth that has been tailored during high school and as for makeup, all I can say I dirty-fied my face LOL The event was packed with bloggers and some of them dressed soooo 'out of the world'. The great thing about Halloween is we can dress as weird as we can. :P The whole night, my face expression was just froze with no smile but a scary glare. hahahaha

#7 PORT DICKSON HOLIDAY WITH FAMILY A short getaway with my family and my cousins during Deepavali weekends and we made our way to Port Dickson for swimming on the not-so-clean beach and also hotel swimming pool at Avilion Admiral Cove. Guess what! They have pet's corner with tons of baby rabbits and little chicks running around their farm (see on my Instagram) It's soooo irresistibly adorable! IT'S SO FLUFFY I CAN DIE!! I wish I can bring one home haha! On the night itself, I caught a high fever and I assumed that I caught a cold because after swimming on the pool, I just throw a towel on myself and play with the baby animals LOL! So yeah, ended my holiday with a bad fever and forced my self to drown with medications. >.<

#8 HITZ.FM CHILLOUT WITH RYAN MATJERAIE First time experience in radio studio? It's AWESOME, DUH! The experience was truly priceless for me because I've never been a TV station or any sort of media stations. :D I was ecstatic when I got a phone call from, a week before we went there. Nervous and excited as I was, I brought my usual partner, Carolyn to get an whole experience with me! At first, I thought was a big department of Astro however it's just a small room with a studio that has a few desktops and 3 microphones stands. Did I tell you that MyFM was just across the room and Lite FM was just infront of Hitz.FM room? :D I was quite fascinated to see how actually a radio station works!

Firstly, Ryan asked who are our favourite artists and I said FUN. as my recent addiction on . I'M VERY PROUD TO CHOOSE SOME NIGHTS TO PLAY ON RADIO. Woohooooooo. I remembered saying, "the next following song will be Some Nights by FUN" *fansgirling* However, I thought that the radio station has their whole album but they only their latest hits of Some Nights, We are Young and Carry On. sobs. T-TBoth of us managed to talk on the mike but it's not live because we might have a few takes to get the perfect voiceover haha! But I was glad to meet Ryan in person, he's a pretty chill guy and friendly too! Also, we had a random prank call on Jinnyboy and ask a few funny questions like how long is your armpit hair (it's Ryan's idea! lol) and we had great laugh! :D After the chillout session, three of us has a great chat for almost an hour talking about Bangkok, Youtube stars and other stuff :P

Oh by the way, both of us brought back a carton of Wonka Coffees, like seriously a whole carton.

To wrap up my longest post with missing events, this year I've decided to revamp my room by designing the room that I always wanted to do; hanging polaroids, a accessory section with 3-tier macaroon stand and also fairy lights that I purchased from Typo and some random store in Batu Ferringgi. A perfect way to have some Christmas spirit and also celebrating the new years.

That's all for missing events that I've not blogged has finally in my blog.

Bye 2013 and Happy New Year to all of you!

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