Friday, December 20, 2013

Death Note Musical to Premiere in Japan and South Korea 2015


The famous DEATH NOTE manga series is getting adapted into a stage musical and will premiere in Japan at Tokyo's Nissay Theater on April and the musical will move to South Korea at Seoul's LG Art Center on July and August. What's special about this adaptation is the Japanese AND U.S. team that is going to be working on it. Here's a to purchase tickets if you happen to be in Japan or South Korea during those times (site in Japanese).With it's anime and live-action movie adaptations, DEATH NOTE will soon be the most powerful contemporary manga.

Frank Wildhorn, an American composer, will be scoring the musical. He is known for his work on various other musicals such as JEKYLL & HYDE, CARMEN, WONDERLAND, and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. Tamiya Kuriyama, a recipient of Japan's Purple Ribbon (a medal in recognition of one's achievements in academics and art, will be the director for the musical. Other notable people working on the musical are Jack Murphy, known for his work on CARMEN, WONDERLAND, and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, will be writing the lyrics and Ivan Menchell, known for CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, and BONNIE AND CLYDE, will be writing the script.

It's surprising to see the noticeably American staff working on a Japanese musical but these men are certainly not amateurs so in terms of quality fans won't have to worry too much, probably.

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