Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anime Love


I'm a late bloomer regarding this viewing pleasure. If I haven't met friends who are avid fans I'd be missing out a lot of the amazing and extraordinary world of Japanese Animation.

When I was in high school I considered watching this stuff stupid, without even thinking that the late afternoon show I was obsessed with during grade school () was actually anime. Jokes on me. I was wrong... so so wrong. My classmates were all over Ghost Fighter, Slam Dunk, and the like. The first anime I ever watched from start to finish was , being influenced by a close friend. Off to college, watching any more of them went out of the picture. I met new friends after graduation who are anime lovers. As we kept hanging out I soon appreciated the diverse art form. Getting engrossed with different animation series got me into trying to learn the Japanese language and made me more interested with their culture.

To date I still watch anime, particularly One Piece, because they go on forever. Well, I hope they never stop creating interesting stories. They can go on and on and I wouldn't mind following their marvelous adventures.

Here's my top 5 (so far):



Kimihiro Watanuki has the capacity to see spirits. He meets a witch, Yuko Ichihara, who grants his wish of removing said ability on the condition that he become her temporary part-time cook and housekeeper. Watanuki goes on hair raising errands making him more accustomed to the paranormal world.



Light Yagami discovers Death Note, a supernatural notebook that allows the holder to kill anyone by writing the persons name on it. He uses the notebook to exterminate criminals making it a utopia that he wishes to rule. A cat and mouse game begins between him and L, a world famous detective, when the latter's attention is caught by a series of unexplained deaths.



Individuals contact the Hell Correspondence through their website, which can only be accessed by midnight, to take revenge on their antagonist. When the request is accepted Ai Enma (Hell Girl) offers the client a straw doll with a red string. Once the string is pulled the object of hatred is ferried to hell. In exchange of this service, clients will also go to hell when their life ends.



Set on Edo era Japan (with a tint of modern and hip-hop), three strangers come together on a journey across the nation. Fuu is a brave young girl who asks Mugen, a rogue with a unique fighting technique, and Jin, a calm and cool bespectacled ronin, to join her in finding the "samurai who smells of sunflower".



Monkey D. Luffy sails off on a journey from the East Blue Sea to find Gol D. Roger's treasure, One Piece, and to become the King of the Pirates. Along his quest he meets exceptional characters who soon become part of his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. They encounter many battles and defeat unimaginable rivals. Their great adventure continues in the New World...
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