Monday, August 26, 2013

Wasted Character Design: Bakugan

Bakugan has some great designs but it doesn't go with the anime, there for its wasted design. Just look at the picture above. Wouldn't you want to see these guys get into a fight with the guys below the words. When it comes to the design of the Bakugan than hell yeah go all out, but for the humans that just give orders, why do they look so damn cool. I would love for the humans to actually have powers and go at all because of the designs they have. Especially for the dudes that have muscles. I don't see a point in giving the humans a look you would give to human that would have powers, can do martial arts, or are a swordsmen. These characters look like they could do some awesome shit like breaking mountains with one punch. And also when it comes to the villains, they talk a lot of shit just to be standing in on spot telling orders. and some of them are borderline insane. I don't like when anime like this (Bakugan, Pokemon, Yu-GiOh, Beyblade) make the characters look like they can do real physical shit but all they do is stand around and give orders. Don't get me wrong because I like these anime but fuck. The creators make me get my hopes up high when I see insane, buffed up, cool looking characters that don't do shit eventually when we see them do something. That's like having the characters of Bakuman look like Super Saiyans. If you've seen or read Bakuman then you know what I mean. If you haven't sen it then go see it because its great and its by the same guys who did Death Note but two different series in itself. Well that's all I can say for now so like, comment, and share. I'll be back on Wednesday with another session of anime girls I'd fuck. Don't miss that. Oh, if you want to talk you can comment, find me in one of the anime communities on Google+(mostly Anime Zone, Anime and Manga, and Pokemon). My twitter is @TyieheTheTyrant and have a good day and watch anime. See ya!
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