Friday, August 23, 2013

Kinokuniya Bookstore

konnichiwa minna!!

did u guys know that i go to kinokuniya bookstore at the KLCC? of courseu guys didn't know about it right? LOL! >,< before i back to kuala terengganu with my father ,, i went to kinokuniya bookstore with my sister at the KLCC since i really want to buy Naruto manga comic! i will share some pic that i take at the kinokuniya bookstore with u guys ^^

sebastian michalies from kuroshitsuji/black butler

gahhhh!! i really want to buy all of it!! >W<

rio (if i'm not mistake) from death note ,, i didn't read this manga yet but my friend really like this anime that's why i take a pic of it.

i really want to buy naruto manga comic but the price is really expensive! it's RM30.00 for one comic book! that time i was like OO! NOO WAYYY!!

there still many other series anime manga comic like fairy tails , usagi drop , highschool of the dead and others i didn't buy any of them since the price is really killing me ,, but i did buy new manga comic yeah of course the cheap one lol!

i buy 6 new manga comic including the "Lawak kampus" comic

and then i got this cute free bag! kyaa~! >W< i really luv this bag! i will keep it properly~~ lol! well until here my post see u guys next time! bye2! ^W^
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