Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking Over the World

Inspired by Tokuchi Toua and anime badasses in the toilet? I hope it's not just me who gets inspiration in the toilet.

So I was thinking about who I'd want in a conquest to take over the world if I could only choose three generals. And I take my pick after finishing a 123 anime.

The three who have the honour of serving me are absolute geniuses and hotshots.

A brilliant strategist, a trigger-happy devil and a gambler.Lelouch Lamperouge [Code Geass]|Hiruma Youchi [Eyeshield 21]|Tokuchi Toua [One Outs]

The latter two might as well be twins. They use psychological tricks though I'd say Hiruma has more violent tendencies than Toua. Lelouch is the witty and cunning strategist who moves people at will with his shrew mind. This applies to the other two as well. Toua has an uncanny ability to read his opponents' minds through their actions and pressures them psychologically. Hiruma is on the trigger-happy side, with threats and blackmail and an information source we'll never hunt down. I'd say they're the perfect trio to help me take over the world though, at the moment, I have no such ambition nor do I feel any desire or appeal to do so. Taking over the world is more than a "large" responsibility.

Don't get me started on Death Note. I have nothing against it. I stalled the anime after the first episode simply because Light's ideals and philosophy clashed with mine and I just couldn't get over his eagerness to kill. It disturbed and scared me. But it's stalled - you never know just when I might start watching it again.

And with that I'm done. I haven't done enough to explain my choices so I probably wasted a few minutes of your time but it's the ultimate wish of every blogger that their reader enjoyed whatever they wrote.

I hope you guys are interested in taking part in this >.<

Basically, I just want to see who you guys would pick to be your three generals if you ever feel like taking over the world one day. You can post your feelings wherever, just link in the form below. By wherever, I mean your own blog, Google+, DeviantArt and all those social networking sites. I hope a lot of people will take part in this. But you're probably wondering why on Earth I want to do something like this. Well, this should be exciting enough for KHR fans. For three responses I find the most interesting, I'll write a KHR oneshot for each person. You can PM me the details of what you want me to write in the fanfiction. I sound like a self-absorbed retard but I just want to write something) and I know there are people out there who have much more creative minds than me. For those who doubt my writing skills ( which I believe are decent ), you can check out my fanfiction .

I'll announce the closing date for this some time after I post my fourth chapter for Dare Box ( the link is right above ) .

I had better see more followers and people adding me on their Google+ circles.

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