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The Voices Inside My Head

This is the blog entry where I talk about fictional characters who either have no voice or don't have just one voice, and name the definitive voices I hear for them in my head.

Let's start with comic book characters:

SUPERMAN - The all encompassing voice for Superman would be that of Christopher Reeves, because he owned that role like no one else has since. For most of the campy old Superman stories in the comics, Michael Dangerfield Hall's take is the closes to what I hear in my head. When the comics got rebooted, I hear Tim Daly, and George Newbern in later comics When I read "All-Star Superman", I hear James Denton, the guy who voiced him in the DTV, eerily similar to Newbern.

LOIS LANE - I hear Ginny Mcswain coming from the character in her earliest comic appearances, but the voice changes to Sirena Irwin when she became the Silver Age dimwit damsel. When the comics got rebooted, I hear Dana Delany as the smarter, independent and somewhat more competent Lois' voice. When I read "All-Star Superman", I hear Christina Hendricks, who voiced her in the DTV.

LEX LUTHOR - I hear Stan Jones voice as the Lex Luthor in most of his old stories, though Powers Boothe works too if the tone is considerably more light-hearted. When the comics got rebooted, I of course hear Clancy Brown as the corrupt businessman Luthor, though JS Gilbert does a remarkable impression. I've started to hear Mark Rolston's voice as the character in some of these comics, 'cause he's up there with Clancy Brown as a perfect fit for the character. When I read "All-Star Superman", I hear Anthony LaPaglia, who gave a show-stealing performance as him in the DTV.

KON-EL - This character's voice changes with his personality. In his first incarnation in the Superman comics, I hear the voice of Daryl Sabara. In his second incarnation in the Young Justice comics, I hear Yuri Lowenthal. And in his final incarnation in Teen Titans and onwards, I hear Nolan North.

JIMMY OLSEN -I hear Mark Taylor as the character in the first era of comics, David Kaufman as his voice in the second era, and Matthew Gray Gubler in "All-Star Superman."

PERRY WHITE - Richard McGonagle in the first era, and George Dzundza in the second era.

LANA LANG - Janet Waldo in the first era, and Joely Fisher in the second era.

SUPERGIRL - Nicole Tom in her earliest appearances and Molly C Quinn in her latter ones.

BRAINIAC - Corey Burton is the default voice, though Peter Jessop could do a solid impression.

GENERAL ZOD - Rene Auberjonois in the first era, and Alexander Brandon in the second era.

MR MXYZPTLK - Gilbert Mack in the first era, and Rob Paulsen in the second era.

DARKSEID - Michael Ironside is the default voice, though David Sobolov could do a solid impression. Virtually all others who have voiced Darkseid have often gone too "deep sounding." To me, it's more effective and frightening when a lighter, smoother sounding voice comes out of this guy's mouth.

BIBBO BIBBOWSKI - Brad Garrett, accept no substitutes.

CHLOE SULLIVAN - Allison Mack. She WAS that character before she even showed up in comic pages!

EMIL HAMILTON - Victor Brandt, accept no substitutes.

LORI LUTHOR - Tara Strong, voice of Alexis Luthor in "Legion Of Superheroes."

MERCY GRAVES - Lisa Edelstein, accept no substitutes.

PETE ROSS - Jason Marsden, who just sounds like a natural fit.

STEEL - Michael Dorn, accept no substitutes.

TANA MOON - Lauren Tom, voice of Dana Tan in "Batman Beyond."

BIZZARO - Bill Callaway, who voiced him on "Super Friends." I just can't shake that voice.

CONDUIT - Will Friedle. In his Seifer voice, "kneel, loser!"

DOOMSDAY - Richard Epcar doing his usual evil monster voice.

HANK HENSHAW - George Newbern, sounding like a metallic Sephiroth.

LIVEWIRE - Lori Petty, accept no substitutes.

METALLO - Lex Lang, who's rendition best fits the character's appearance and attitude.

MISA - Shannon Chan-Kent, voice of Misa in "Death Note."

PARASITE - Adam Baldwin, accept no substitutes.

RIOT - Tom Kenny, obviously.

TOYMAN - Wallace Shawn, 'cause he could totally pull off a psychopathic man-child.

BATMAN - In his earliest days, I hear Jeremy Sisto as the voice of Batman, using a voice similar to that of Michael Keaton's. When the comics turned campy, then Adam West was the definitive Batman voice. When they got serious again, Kevin Conroy became THE voice of the Dark Knight, though Bruce Greenwood is now a close second for that. I can hear Rino Romano as a younger Batman in things like "Batman: Year One", Ben McKenzie as an older Batman in "The Dark Knight Returns", and Christian Bale as the most modern Batman, his snarling, ugly sounding voice fits well.

ALFRED - Michael Gough would be the all-encompassing definitive Alfred voice, but I can hear the takes of Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Alan Oppenheimer, and Clive Revill working just as well.

JAMES GORDON - Bob Hastings is my definitive voice for the character, though Corey Burton could do a solid impression. Bryan Cranston would be the younger Gordon of "Batman: Year One."

DICK GRAYSON - Shane Haboucha is the Boy Wonder's voice in his earliest stories, with Burt Ward taking over during the campy era, and Loren Lester as his voice as he grows up to be Nightwing.

BARBARA GORDON - Both Mary Kay Bergman and Tara Strong are excellent voices for Babs that I hear quite often, though Kimberly Brooks has a terrific take on Oracle.

JASON TODD - The brothers Alexander and Vincent Martella have this one, interchangeable.

TIM DRAKE - Eli Marienthal is the voice I hear for younger Tim, with Cameron Bowen as older Tim.

CASSANDRA CAIN - Kim Mai Guest and Kate Higgins are both suitable voices for Cass.

STEPHANIE BROWN - Olivia Hack and Julie Nathanson are both perfect voices for Steph.

LUCIUS FOX - Morgan Freeman, the only actor who could give this character presence.

HARVEY BULLOCK - Robert Costanzo, accept no substitutes.

RENEE MONTOYA - Salli Richardson, voice of Elisa Maza from "Gargoyles."

THE JOKER - Mark Hamill is definitely the be-all, end-all Joker voice I hear for him in all eras, though Michael Dobson and Troy Baker can do surprisingly solid impressions of that. I hear Allen Enlow for "The Dark Knight Returns" (did not like the actual voice they gave him in the DTV), John DiMaggio in stories where Joker needs that Nicholson-esque flare, and Brent Spiner in that shitty "The Joker."

THE PENGUIN - Stephen Root is the voice I hear for Pengy in the oldest stories, but I hear Paul Williams when I read later ones. Also good for the part are David Odgen Stiers if he wants to go deeper, and David Jennison for if he's portrayed as a menacing crime boss.

CATWOMAN - Nika Futterman is the voice I hear for her early days, but it changes to Janyse Jaud, Gina Gershon, Grey Delisle, or Adrienne Barbeau depending on the mood. They're all purr-fect.

THE RIDDLER - Frank Gorshin in his earliest apperances, Wally Wingert in his later ones. Can sometimes be substituted with John Glover and Shannon McCormick depending on the mood.

TWO-FACE - Richard Moll does the best Two-Face, though James Remar, John Fitzgerald, and Troy Baker work just as well for the character.

MR. FREEZE - Eric Bauza in his earliest appearance, Michael Ansara in his later ones, though Mauriche LeMarche and Robert Kraft can do solid impressions.

POISON IVY - I mostly hear Diane Pershing as Ivy's voice, though Vanessa Marshall could do a great take too. If Ivy is written as to be scary, then Cyndi Williams is the voice I hear. Tasia Valenza also works depending on how Ivy's drawn.

HARLEY QUINN - Arleen Sorkin, though Hynden Walch and Tara Strong are solid substitutes.

RAS AL GHUL - David Warner, though Liam Neeson and Oded Fehr are solid substitutes.

TALIA AL GHUL - Helen Slater, though Olivia Hussey and Stana Katic are solid substitutes.

BANE - Danny Trejo, though Henry Silva and Joaquim De Almeida are solid substitutes.

SCARECROW - Dee Bradley Baker, though Jeffery Combs and Dino Andrade are solid substitutes.

HUGO STRANGE - Richard Green in his earliest appearances, Corey Burton in later ones.

MAXIE ZEUS - Phil LaMarr, though Corey Burton could do a solid impression.

BLACK MASK - Wade Williams, accept no substitutes.

CLAYFACE - Lou Scheimer is the voice I hear the most for these guys.

DEADSHOT - Jim Meskimen has the best take on the deadly sharpshooter.

FIREFLY - Christopher Cox, accept no substitutes.

KILLER CROC - Aron Kincaid, accept no substitutes.

KILLER MOTH - Mark Worden would hit the right balance for this guy.

MAD HATTER - Charlie Adler, accept no substitutes.

CALENDAR MAN - Maurice LeMarche, accept no substitutes.

THE CREEPER - Jeff Bennett makes this guy entertaining with his performance.

WESKER AND SCARFACE - George Dzundza, accept no substitutes.

CARMINE FALCONE - Alex Rocco in both of his major appearances.

RUPERT THORNE - John Vernon, accept no substitutes.

JEAN PAUL VALLEY - Steve Blum would have a perfect voice for the bat-pretender.

JOE CHILL - Jim Cummings, for some reason or other.

PETER PARKER/SPIDER-MAN - Ted Schwartz is the voice I hear for Spidey in his earliest days, but by the time Stan Lee stopped writing, it's changed to Josh Keaton, who is the voice I mostly hear from then on. Can be substituted with Chris Barnes as older Spidey. Rino Romano fills in on some occasions depending on the mood. For Ultimate Spidey, I hear Neil Patrick Harris' take on him.

MARY JANE WATSON - Vanessa Marshall is the go-to voice for Mainstream MJ, though Dana Seltzer is a solid substitute for a more mellowed out MJ. For Ultimate MJ, I hear Kirsten Dunst's take on her, though Andrea Taylor's similar rendition substitutes in later issues.

GWEN STACY - For the time Gwen was alive, I hear Mary Kay Bergman as her voice for reasons I probably shouldn't say. Retroactively, Lacey Chabert is a great fit too. For Ultimate Gwen, I hear Eliza Dushku doing the voice, though Kathleen Barr may substitute in the Clone Saga and onward.

HARRY OSBORN - Rob Paulsen is definitely my voice for Mainstream Harry: he'd sound great as both the rich boy and the crazy Goblin Jr. For Ultimate Harry, I hear Matt Lanter's smooth sounding voice.

J. JONAH JAMESON - JK Simmons IS JJ in the mainstream comics, no question. For Ultimate JJ, I hear Dee Bradley Baker as the voice, combining cynical, serious roughness and dry humor.

AUNT MAY - June Foray would be her voice in the earliest days, though Linda Gary may substitute later. For Ultimate Aunt May, I hear Mindy Sterling in the first half, Misty Lee in the second.

UNCLE BEN - Paul Soles, the original Spider-Man himself, is my definitive voice for him in the mainstream comics. For Ultimate Ben, I hear Greg Grunberg.

FLASH THOMPSON - I hear either Devon Edward Sawa or Joshua Lebar depending on how the character is drawn. For Ultimate Flash, I hear the voice of Matthew Hill.

LIZ ALLAN - I hear Peg Dixon in her earliest days, though Alana Ubach may substitute later. Four Ultimate Liz, I can't help hearing the annoying Marla Rubinoff

KENNY KONG - Colin Murdock doing a voice that's similar sounding to Dominic Colon.

BETTY BRANT - I hear Mona Marshall in her earliest days, though Elizabeth Banks may substitute later. For Ultimate Betty, I hear a lively sounding Grey Delisle

ROBBIE ROBERTSON - Phil LaMarr, accept no substitutes.

NED LEEDS - Jeff Bennett, accept no substitutes.

FREDERICK FOSWELL - Michael Rye using a typical New York accent.

CAPTAIN STACY - James Cromwell as Mainstream Stacy and Dennis Leary as Ultimate Stacy.

JOHN JAMESON - Daran Norris, the only voice who made him worth giving a damn about.

NORMAN OSBORN - Alan Rachins as Mainstrean Norman, and Steve Weber as Ultimate Norman.

GREEN GOBLIN - This one's kind of complicated. I always hear a voice like Neil Ross or Dennis Marks when reading the Goblin's earliest stories. When he's revived, I hear Alan Rachins sounding like a high-pitched Clock King. In most other modern stories, like the ones by Paul Jenkins and Mark Millar, Steve Blum is the only voice I can hear coming from the Goblin. For Ultimate Goblin, I hear Peter Lurie in his debut, but Steve Weber in all other appearances where he has real dialogue.

DOC OCK - Vernon Chapman is the base voice I hear for Ock, but I imagine the voice taking cues from just about every other voice actor to do the character. I think Joe Alaskey from the "Friend or Foe" video game comes closest to encompassing what that sounds like, oddly enough. For Ultimate Doc Ock, I hear Alfred Molina doing a more evil (and more British) take.

EDDIE BROCK/VENOM - I hear Hank Azaria as his voice in his first appearance, but then Brian Drummond takes over completely. For Ultimate Brock/Venom, I hear Ben Diskin's take.

RODERICK KINGSLEY/HOBGOBLIN - Mark Hamill, accept no substitutes.

THE SCORPION - John Kassir as the Mainstream version and Rino Romano as Ultimate Scorpion.

SANDMAN - Chris Latta as the Mainstream version and Dmitri Diatchenko as Ultimate Sandman.

THE VULTURE - Dwight Schultz as the Mainstream version and Kristoffer Tabori as Ultimate Vulture.

THE LIZARD - Joseph Campanella as the Mainstream version and Nathan Carlson as Ultimate Lizard.

ELECTRO - Phil Proctor as the Mainstream version and James Arnold Taylor as Ultimate Electro.

SHOCKER - Frank Welker as the Mainstream version and Brian George as Ultimate Shocker.

THE RHINO - Fred Tatasciore as the Mainstream version and Bob Glouberman as Ultimate Rhino.

MYSTERIO - Chris Wiggins as the Mainstream version and Peter Cullen as Ultimate Mysterio.

THE CHAMELEON - Corey Burton, accept no substitutes.

KRAVEN THE HUNTER - Peter Lurie as the Mainstream version and Paul Dobson as Ultimate Kraven.

BLACK CAT - Holly Fields as the Mainstream version and Katee Sackhoff as Ultimate Black Cat.

MILES WARREN/THE JACKAL - Brian George, accept no substitutes.

HYDRO MAN - Bill Fagerbakke, accept no substitutes.

MOLTEN MAN - Liam O'Brien, accept no substitute.

MORBIUS - Sean Donnellan, accept no substitutes.

CARNAGE - Mike Donovan, accept no substitutes.

TINKERER - William Utay, accept no substitutes.

GELDOFF - Dee Bradley Baker, doing a voice similar to his annoying Wakka from "Kingdom Hearts."

HAMMERHEAD - Alex Rocco, accept no substitutes.

SILVERMANE - Paul Winchell, accept no substitutes.

TOMBSTONE - Kevin Michael Richardson, accept no substitutes.

BART HAMILTON - Armin Shimmerman, using his own Goblin voice.

JASON MACENDALE - Patrick Fraley, using his own Goblin voice.

ALAISTER SMYTHE - Maxwell Caulfield, accept no substitutes.

KINGPIN - Roscoe Lee Brown as Mainstream Fisk and Michael Clarke Duncan as Ultimate Fisk.

WONDER WOMAN - This one's a toughie. Lynda Carter would be the all-encompassing voice for Wondy, but Vicki Lewis, Susan Eisenberg, Lucy Lawless, Kerri Russel, and Maggie Q also do well.

BLACK CANARY - Vanessa Marshall and Morena Baccarin are both equally great takes.

THE ANTI-MONITOR - Michael Jai White, accept no substitutes.

SUPERBOY PRIME - Christopher Adams using a whiny but crazed voice.

DEATHSTROKE THE TERMINATOR - Patrick Seitz, accept no substitutes.

TERRA - Maggie Blue O'Hara as Tara Markhov and Terra II, and Ashley Johnson as Terra III.

DOCTOR DOOM - Another toughie. Clive Revill, Simon Templeman, and Tom Kane all have the best renditions of Doom for me. Ralph James, Lex Lang, and Maurice Lemarche are solid substitutes, but if I hear their voices from Doom, odds are it's a Doom-bot. Paul Dobson would voice Ultimate Doom.

LOKI - Tom Hiddleston ,of course, though Troy Baker is a solid substitute.

THE RED SKULL - Peter Cullen doing a Ralph Fiennes type of voice.

CAPTAIN AMERICA - Chris Evans, of course.

MIGHTY THOR - Chris Hemsworth, of course.

TONY STARK - Robert Downey Jr., of course.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Lou Ferigno, of course.

DEADPOOL -Nolan North, though John Kassir is a solid substitute.

SQUIRREL GIRL - Julie Nathason, though Molly Keck is a solid substitute.

NAMOR THE SUBMARINER - Michael Adamthwaite, accept no substitutes.

NICK FURY - Scott MacDonald as Mainstream Fury, and Samuel L Jackson IS Ultimate Fury.

Now for characters from Final Fantasy games I through IX!


Warrior Of Light - Grant George.

Garland - Christopher Sabat


Firion - Johnny Yong Bosch

The Emperor - Christopher Corey Smith


Onion Knight - Aaron Span

Cloud Of Darkness - Laura Bailey


Cecil Harvey - Yuri Lowenthal

Kain Highwind - Liam O'Brien

Golbez - Peter Beckman


Bartz - Jason Spisak

ExDeath - Gerald C Rivers

Gilgamesh - Keith Szarabajka


Terra Branford- Natalie Lander

Locke - Yuri Lowenthal

Edgar - Julian Sands

Sabin - Dee Bradley Baker

Celes Chere - Kari Wahlgren

Cyan - Jim Cummings

Shadow - Kirk Thorton

Setzer - Crispin Freeman

Gau - Brianne Sidall

Strago - Mike Reynolds

Relm - Katie Leigh

Mog - Rob Paulsen

Banon - Peter Cullen

Ultros - Tom Kenny

General Leo - Paul St. Peter

Emperor Gestahl - Brian Dobson

Kefka Palazzo - Mark Hamill (Troy Baker, Dave Wittenberg, and Richard Epcar are solid substitutes)


Cloud Strife - Steve Burton

Barrett Wallace - Beau Billingslea

Tifa Lockhart - Rachael Lae Cook

Aeirth Gainsborough - Maaya Sakamoto/Andrea Bowen

Red XIII - Liam O'Brien

Cait Sith - Tom Kenny (Greg Ellis as a substitute)

Cid Highwind - Michael Sorich (Chris Edgerly as a substitute)

Yuffie Kisaragi - Mae Whitman (Christy Carlson Romano as a perfect substitute)

Vincent Valentine - Robin Atkin Downes (Steve Blum as a substitute)

President Shinra - Robert Ridgley

Rufus Shinra - Wally Wingert

Reno - Quinton Flynn

Rude - Kevin Conroy (Crispin Freeman as a perfect substitute)

Elena - Michelle Ruff (Bittina Bush as a perfect substitute)

Tseng - Ryan Yu

Cissnei - Carrie Savage

Reeve - Jamieson Price

Heidegger - Charles Martinet

Scarlett - Lani Minella

Palmer - Jeff Nimoy

Professor Hojo - Ezra Weissz

Marlene Wallace - Ariel Winter

Elmyra Gainsborough - Barbara Goodson

Don Corneo - Maurice LeMarche

Choco Bill - Darran Norris

Choco Billy - Debbi Deryberry

Priscilla - Wendee Lee

Dio - Richard Epcar

Dyne - Will Friedle

Ester - Lara Jill Miller

Buggenhagan - David Lodge

Shera - Tifanie Cristun

Zangan & Lord Godo - George Takei

Lucrecia - April Stewart

Zack Fair - Rick Gomez

Sephiroth - Skip Stellrecht (George Newbern as a perfect substitute)


Squall Leonheart - Doug Erholtz

Rinoa Heartilly - Danielle Judovitz

Seifer Almasy - Will Freidle

Zell Dincht - Lex Lang

Selphie Timell - Molly Keck (or possibly Nikki Blonsky)

Quistis Trepe - Peggy O'Neal

Irvine Kineas - Hugh Jackman (or any perfect imitator)

Laguna Loire - Skip Stellrecht (Armando Valdes-Kennedy as a substitute)

Kiros - Phil LaMarr

Ward - Frank Welker

Cid - Robin Williams

General Carraway - David Greenlee

Dr. Odine - Corey Burton

Edea Kramer - Susan Silo

Garden Master Norg - R. Martin Klein

Adel - Linda Chambers Young

Ultimecia - Melodee Spaveck


Zidane Tribal - Sam Reigal (Bryce Papenbrook as a perfect substitute)

Princess Garnet/Dagger - KT Gray

Vivi - Brina Palencia (Melissa Disney as a perfect substitute)

Steiner - Brian Papenbrook

Eiko - Melissa Faun

Freya - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Quina - Frank Welker

Amarant - Dave Mallow

Regent Cid - Corey Burton

Queen Brahne - April Winchell

Beatrix - Hynden Walch

Lani - Candi Milo

Garland - Tony Pope

Kuja - Danny Cooksey (JD Cullem as a substitute)

Necron - Paul St. Peter

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