Monday, August 26, 2013

Lot's of CAPS LOCK

I just went for a 2 hour walk around the city in the middle of the night ...


It's rather late now tho, so I'll go to bed soon. Just thought I'd talk to you guys a little first. One thing I've noticed here that isn't at home, are the stars.There are still stars, even though we're still "KINDA" in the summer months. There is a bigger difference to night and day when you go south, apparently.

Oh! I went to the library today, and HOLY SHIT they have a lot of stuff. I got so many books on psychology, human behaviour and such, as well as a book on suiciology, the anarchists cookbook, something about dreams and such.

I figure, I'll share it with you guys if I find something interessting!

What else, what else ... Well, I got new material for the "Messed Up Easy" series that's gonna be on the relaunch website. The website itself is more or less done now, I just have to get some of the stories ready to a good start. It's gonna be tough, but I hope to have the relaunch by next week.

Did I mention that I've started reading Death Note? The manga, and then I'm gonna see the anime. Me and my friends have this extremly long list about what we're gonna watch, like series and movies and such. AND!

EVEN though we sit inside and watch series and shit A LOT, we're SO FUCKING ACTIVE. As I just mentioned, I just went on a 2 hour walk. We've been walking A LOT pretty much every day except ONE since I got here. I am so proud of myself, goddamn.

But yeah, I'm gonna relax with some Death Note now before I fall asleep!

Nighty night guys!
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