Friday, August 23, 2013

Pale Cocoon

When I write about anime, what I write depends on the show. For the famous ones, like FMA or Death Note I usually don't give plot summaries or any other forms of explanation, cause chances are that you have seen them. Instead I talk about what I think of the show, try find interesting details. But when I am writing about stuff like Violence Jack I would give some actual info, like what the show is about, how good the art style and the animation is, how much blood and murder you will see on the screen etc. Because I bet most of my readers haven't seen Violence Jack. Have you? =)

But now I want to write about Pale Cocoon. And here I will do something very different. I will give you MY GUESS what the show is about. Sure, I've watched the show. It is only 30 minutes long. And yet I can only guess what was happening in that anime. Yep, that is weird.


I am pretty sure this show is about future of the mankind. Main characters, Riko and Ura live in some futuristic underground facility and it is stated pretty straight that no one lives on the surface. They work on restoring old archives. While doing that they learn that once Earth was green and blue and people were a little bit happier. Why did humanity forget that i snot explained. I guess it is a good move to create an atmosphere, and I must say I like the concept. But when you say that humanity has to dig up archives to learn that the Earth used to be green, well you destroy the world you are creating. There is no way you will be able to explain how humans forgot such a fact.


One by one people abandon the work on archives, which I think should symbolize the loss of hope. People gave up on their past, on their hope to return home. Ura seems to be the only one, whocan't let it be.

At the end of the show Ura goes up to the surface. And sees Earth up in the sky. Blue Earth.

I interpret it this way. Humans were evacuated from Earth to the Moon after some devastating catastrophe. And some automated machinery was left on Earth, that should be working on turning it back to be normal again. But so many years has passed, people forgot about all of that. And now the Earth is clean and they can return. But people live deep inside the Moon, no one even knows that there is a place to return.

Now if you think I am wrong, please give me you ideas about this movie in the comments. Till the next time, see you (^^)/

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