Saturday, August 31, 2013

If You Watch This Anime Backwards...

So I've decided to discontinue doing episodic reviews every week for every episode. Rather I'll only be doing episodic review for episodes that really stood out to me (good or bad) and attempting to write editorials more often. This week's episode of Uchouten Kazoku was really quite good, but I don't have much to say about it other than the plot reveals. Silver Spoon I plan on reviewing both episodes six and seven in one go. Free kinda shot itself in the foot and I'll write another analytical sort of thing for Sunday Without Godwhen a few more episodes air.

But you know those "if you watch X it becomes Y" jokes? Well, I was bored and decided to compile a short list of some that came off the top of my head, crap or not.

If you watch Akikan backwards, it's a tragic tale about girls who turn into soda cans.

If you watch Aku no Hana backwards, it's a touching story about how a boy overcomes his weaknesses, stands up to Nakamura and returns Saeki's gym clothes back to where they belong.

If you watch Amnesia backwards, it's about creepy boys who try to get it on with the female lead only to traumatize her into oblivion

If you watch BTOOOM backwards it's about the lovely couple, Sakamoto and Himiko, who live peacefully on an island only to find out there are psychotic killers inhabiting the area. Shit hits the fan, violence ensues, Sakamoto becomes a pervert, Himiko dumps him and in the end he is flown to Japan where he ends up as a depressed hikkimori spending his days gaming.

If you watch Death Note backwards, Light gives up his egotistical self-righteous life to retake high school while contemplatively looking out the school window as his Death Note is brought back to the underworld.

If you watch Dragonball backwards, it's about the main dude progressively getting weaker, losing experience points and leveling down.

If you watch EF - A Tale of Memories backwards, it's pretty much like Amnesia, only it's just one guy.

If you watch FLCL backwards, it's about a boy who reverts back from puberty and to his younger self.

If you watch Higurashi backwards, it's about cute girls killing each other over and over again until they get bored.

If you watch Ikkitousen backwards, it's about a bunch of scantily clothed women who become more and more clothed as they beat the crap out of each other.

If you watch MD Geist backwards, it's about Geist saving the world from an apocalypse, realizing the extent of his power and making a self-sacrifice by launching himself into space

If you watch Neon Genesis Evangelionbackwards, Shinji would still be a pussy. Lololololol. (I know still haven't seen the series yet)

If you watch Sankarea backwards, it's about a zombie who is brought back to life

If you watch Welcome to the NHK backwards, it's about Sato dropping out of college, dumping Misake, ditching the idea of creating a hentai game, falling in love with Hitomi and becoming a hikkimori.

If you watch Valvrave the Liberatorbackwards, it's about a vampire who convinces his people that being independent is bad. He gives up the Valvrave and somehow reverts back to a human.

And if you read:WOLLOF EM NO RETTIWT! It says..


In all seriousness though, next I might write up an analysis thingy on Darker Than Black or a rant on wish-fulfillment crap.
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