Thursday, January 30, 2014

Of my Love for Villains

So even though I explained in the previous blog about how my love of Lysander's coat had me very willing to sell out all of humanity, I'd like to explain that it wasn't just his coat that got me to that point. Don't get me wrong, obtaining that coat would have been a major selling point to turn against humanity for me, but it wasn't the only reason. The other reason? Even with all his ridiculous 'All humanity is scum' ranting I couldn't help but start to like the guy, probably because he gave me things, and gave me praise and I do so love getting recognition.

But I've always loved Giovanni, and after reading the Pokemon Special manga for about a year straight now, and starting to return to the fandom through interacting with it online I've really grown to hold that man in high regard. But that's probably because he is one of the few characters in the Pokemon Special that actually seem to do anything to actively save the protagonists life, but that rant is to be saved for another day.

When I was a young child I, like just about every child out there, always wanted to be the hero, I mean, who doesn't? Have you seen how they are portrayed in media? Being the hero looks AWESOME! But then during my final years of primary school and first year of highschool I broke away from fandom to 'grow up'. After a couple years of not doing anything to do with it (Except maybe Avatar: The Last Airbender), barely even watching TV shows or movies and doing things which I can't even remember because it was a while ago now, I realized how stupid of a mistake I made and returned to fandom.

I was dragged back in through Kingdom Hearts by a friend. And was very quickly learning that the villains of the story are often the much, MUCH more interesting characters of it. After that I slowly got myself introduced to many other mangas, and my love for the bad-guys only grew. To the point where now days unless our main character is morally dubious (Hello, Code Geass, Buccano, Durarara!, and Death Note), or gloriously gayin my head (Hetalia, Bleach, and Fairy Tail are some examples) I really don't like them at all. And if they're not one of those two things there is only one way to get me into the story: the bad-guys, and they had better be interesting.

Even though my examples are primarily Anime, the same is true when I'm watching Western Media. My favourite series of all time is Leverage, and it's about morally questionable people. The Avengers series got me really dragged in when I watched Thor and fell in love with Loki (including writing a 1000 word rant about how he makes a bad antagonist because of how sympathetic he is), and then Tony Stark's mild moral dubiousness (at least in regards to interpersonal relationships) kept me with it.

It seems to be that these days I just love characters that don't do the right thing, and I don't mean that in regards to they don't follow the law or anything, even if what they are doing is perfectly legal by the world's set-up. If what they are doing is morally dubious in any way I'll often LOVE THE HELL out of them and have so much fun with the character I totally forget that they're, you know, a bad person and would happily join their side in a heartbeat.

But then again, many people in real life like to point out that I'm not exactly 100% morally there either, so maybe I'm just enjoying the characters I most relate tooor the characters I most want to be like.
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