Friday, January 24, 2014

I'll write in english and in spanish,it depends of the day xD

Well,welcome to my Blog again )))

I'll tell you that I've been pretty obsessed with some anime series lately **

I've been re-watching animes like Death Note,Initial D, NANA (I love Ai Yazawa's drawing style) and some more.

But the one I'm obsessed the most is Initial D,with Takahashi brothers specifically ,I'm in love with Ryo/Kei Kei/Ryo(yup, together *//* ) I've been drawing A LOT of fanarts of them,I just cannot stop (I don't want to neither xD ) I'm so happy when I see fanarts/fanfics of them XD I've been searching like too much on Pixiv where I found so many beautiful fanarts.

I love'em >//DCan't wait to see more of Initial D,I finished to watch 5th stage ("Aniki" looks gorgeous there) Kei too but in some scenes he looks a bit weird xD in the manga they look pretty good both ^^
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