Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Madhouse is an animation studio in Japan that animates many popular television anime series such as Trigun, Vampire Hunter and Death Note. This logo redesign incorporates more of an illustration feel than the existing logo. I used ink in reference to the ukiyo-e art style of Japan (ink wash paintings) which point to the lineage and tradition of illustration in Japan. I combined this idea with the Rorschach method of having hidden shapes within the ink paintings. A symbol of a house can be seen coming out of the splatter to help symbolize the title and compliment the ink application conceptually.

For the titlecard I wanted to emphasize the ink even more by having it soak through paper and form the logo. I still wanted the over all effect to be simple, clean, and fast for it be an effective titlecard.

(Existing logo design)

(Logo redesign)

CLIENT: (personal project)

METHOD: After Effects, Photoshop, India Ink

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