Saturday, January 18, 2014

Anime related Birthday post(picture heavy)

Hello there everyone.

no i haven't forgotten about the anime review.


I just thought you would like to see what i gotten for my b-day

I gotten a package from Anime Stuff Store .com(side note im no way affilated with them in any way shape or form) I put in a order for a $30 that had stuff inside valued for around $80

Lets see what i got shall we?

First is the bag that comes with every grab bag order of theirs. It's ok to use as a tote at a con not as a every day tote.

Next is a QB poster from the Madoka series. I really like it alot but i kinda wish i had more space to put it up. who know i just might make space.

This little thig is a Negima Key chain. I don't know who this character is because i never watch negima but she is cute. I don't have a use for her on my key chain because i already have Asuka on my keys but i will keep he becuase she is adorable.

For all you gamers out there i got a Silent Hill Key Charm. Its the Pyramid head butcher.I might use it during Halloween. I really don't see the need to use it now. I never played the games andim not a fan of silent hill.

I gotten one TTGL or Guren Lagann figurine i though it was Simone but i open it it wasschool teacher Yoko. Which i was ok with. They made her hair real, REALLY red.

I never heard of this manga. I read the discription. Its about a boxer in some distance future. I gave this to my bro on the count of i know i wasn't going to read it.



I've gotten this FMA folder which i didn't like. Im not a fan of FMA. I hated the show. I hate vic migonla voice. so i gave this to my bro as well.

One Death Note L patch. Im not a fan of patches and i really hate to say this but L and as good as Death Note is it's fan base killed it and made it over rated. so i gave this to my bro.

I had a hard time figuring out what the hell was this. It really tiny in person. Its a Code Geass Character Charm. I know the Character im just having a brain fart and i really can't think of her name right now.

She is really cute though i might put her on my bag.

If anybody could tell me where she is from you will get 100 cookies from me. She is just cute. but i don't know where she is from. She is another charm. but who is she.

YES! I was soo happy when i saw Celty!!! Celty Plush!!!I don't know where she is going but im just so happy i got her.

Finally The Clamp Kiseki Book. I was shock that this even came !

Just look

At these


Now i haven't open the book yet but i plan on too soon. These demand me to.Anyway i hope you enjoyed my birthday post. I will be back soon with my reviews for the winter season.Check out they also sell wig and stuff.Thank you all for checking out my post.
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