Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Death Note


Genre: Cop, supernatural, suspense

Data of Release of the anime: 3 October 2006

Number of episodes: 37

RESUME: The Death Note is a Notebook that Shinigamis (Soul Reapers) write the name and reasons of death of the human beings.The Notebook has the rules written inside. It says that, if the person with the Death Note see's someone's face and write the person name on the Death Note, that person would die with a heart attack in the next 40 seconds. What happens next, is that this Death Note, falls from the sky and a young student called Raito Yagami (Later Known as Kira), on the beginning he didn't belief in that, until he tried. 5 days later, he was visited by the Shinigami called Ryuku, the true honer of the Dead Note, he tells the young boy that he let the Dead Note fall from the sky because he was bored. In those 5 days, this young guy, have killed most on the criminals all over the world, with the objective of purifyingthe world from all the evil persons and turn himself in a "worlds new god!" the people named the responsible for all those death of (Kira). As expected, all this Heart attacks weren't normal, and, it called the attention of the FBI and a famous Detective Known as "L", this L guy, quickly tests Raito Yagami and discovered that Raito Lives in Japan, after that,L knew that Kira could kill persons without the needing of go closer of the person and determinate the time of death. Raito understood in that moment that L would be a problem, and here starts one of the most epic physiologic games I've ever seen in a anime.

MY OPINION: This is one of those animes that totally blow your mind, its all i have to say about this anime really.

Actually, with this post, I find out that there is 2 movie called " (LINK FOR THE TRAILER)". I'll give you guys the trailer for the anime, and for the " (LINK FOR THE FIRST MOVIE)" " (LINK FOR THE SECOND MOVIE)".

Hope you guys enjoyed my post, see you next week.
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