Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well, I guess this is another apology

Yesterday's in-bed-sickness was a mixture of upsetting and depressing, with just a hint of boredom. I woke up with a choke that ended with a sob of relief when my mom told me she wouldn't require me to attend school, due to my inability to stand on my own two feet without collapsing in a pool of weakness.

I mean

To make matters worse the internet broke down, so I didn't even have pictures of cats, strangers, or netflix to keep me company.

So there I was, a teenager, home alone, all day. My possibilities were endless. Ferris Bueler here I come.

Psych! There was NO WAY on God's green earth I was moving my limbs.Think of me like a hippie during a sit in. Not budging my buttinsky for anything.

Instead, I watched The Shining and Finding Nemo, while eating the my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup. Just smelling the soup made me feel one step closer to healthy. I slept alot too. My gimpy dog helped keep me company (by laying flat and taking up half the bed space, while kicking me in the back when I got to close to him). God love him.

Anyway, today I was able to be a (practically) fully functioning citizen in the eyes of the law, and I made my way to school.

I'm a huge anime watcher. (Yes I know, "WOW! You're an ASIAN and you like ANIME!", what a shocker). The point is, if you're also a fellow anime watcher, might I just throw out a couple of titles that have really brightened my world for the better.

* Hetalia (English Dub)

* Trigun (English Dub)

* Death Note (English Dub)

* Elfen Lied (English Dub)

* Avatar the Last Airbender (not the blue alien people, not the stupid movie who ruined the anime, the series Book 1, 2, and 3)

Anime is the only thing that keeps this world going round. It takes all shapes and sizes and anime just happens to be that awkward Q of the Alphabet of life, It wouldn't be whole without it.

Disney's the same way. Where would we be without Disney? We'd probably be childhoodless zombies, droning around, spouting out math homework as a means of entertainment, sitting down with nostalgia for something we didn't even know we lost. It would be depressing. Disney created my childhood. I grew up watching all the classics. I'm still growing up watching all the classics.

One of my friend's is actually a part of the whole Disney fandom. I'm not as immersed, but I can appreciate Disney on a much deeper level than the average human being would consider healthy. The ironic thing: I've never been to Disney World.


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