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Ten favorite antagonists and antiheroes in anime

The world of literature and movies is full of good guys, bad guys and some in the middle. Sometimes, or even too often the baddies are forgotten, while we tend to concentrate on cheering for the hero; for example I've hated all the villain characters before, but now I've grown to like some of them. So this time I've decided to write a post about my ten favorite antagonist and antihero characters (not in order) appearing in different anime/manga series, one character per each anime/manga. Except these opinions, none of the material of this post belongs to me.

Warning! This list may include spoilers, blood and violence. So be extra careful, especially with the videos! Or two certain videos, to be exact. I'll warn you later again~



A honorable high school student, one of the best of his age, loved by his friends and family - but extremely bored. This is how the protagonist of Death Note was described in the beginning of the series and without the mysterious note of death his life might have stayed freaking boring. Luckily he came up with a genius plan: in order to develop the World into a better place to live in he would start killing criminals by writing their names down into a notebook of a death god. Must say I kind of understood his ambition and even found it okay. Too bad Light just forgot his initial goal and killed "a few" cops who were chasing after him. But since he got rid of some really terrible murderers, we might be able to forgive him after all.



If the sly information breaker of Ikebukuro is hanging nearby, something sudden and crazy is definitely about to happen: maybe somebody will try to hit him with a fridge or such. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, that's a normal day in his life: annoy a certain person and then run away like a boss. Izaya claims to love humans in general, even though this "love" usually means putting them into miserable conditions and observing their reactions, maybe he is some sort of a perv. Claiming to be forever 21, Izaya-kun is a master of parkour and troubling his archenemy. A wonderful and ingenious character in every way: more antagonist/antiheroes like him are needed in anime world!



The protagonist of the cult horror story is one of the mutated humans that are believed to destroy eventually the whole world with their supernatural abilities - as you might already have guessed, Lucy and her pals aren't really popular with ordinary humans. As a child she didn't want to harm anyone but after being treated horribly by other children, she kinda lost her shit and started to develop strong hatred towards humans. Sadistic, cruel and almost emotional, the girl with a split personality is actually full of sadness: she just needs someone to heal her deep wounds and make her to feel loved. Sniff...

Btw, this video is the nasty one! Won't recommend it, if you're really sensitive or a big dog lover...



I'm still not sure whether I should name Kaonashi on this list, since he is not quite a bad guy - even though he just happened to eat a few employees of the spa and cause a big ruckus due to the first event. (But still, it wasn't really his fault, they got what they deserved.) In many Miyazaki movies the baddies or scary creatures aren't actually so evil after all, just misunderstood. Kaonashi's sadness and long for friends are something that we can easily identify with, which is why he makes a fine antihero. If you ever see one, please give him a hug. But don't get too greedy for his gold...



This guy was definitely something else that he seemed liked in the beginning of the series. A happy-go-lucky conductor that loves entertaining the travellers with train-themed horror stories, a simple and sweet person who wouldn't harm anyone. In reality, however, this freelance assassin (is that even a proper job?!) is hailed as the best in the World and known for his extremely brutal ways of murdering people. Kind of ironic that he learnt some nice and useful tricks while travelling around the States with a circus. Just my opinion, but travelling by train would be way more interesting, if VR (the Finnish railway company) had assassin conductors too!

Just like the clip from Elfen Lied, this doesn't look so pretty either.



It's a common cliche that most main characters have lost their parents (it's not like I wouldn't over-use that..), and so has the 13-year-old earl. In order to get rid of his childhood trauma, Ciel has made a pact with a really good-looking demon who would be a wonderful lover for him to hunt down those who made him suffer. The anti-social, arrogant and bad-mannered child also carries out underground operations set by the Queen herself. If Ciel should be described in one word, I would call him a bitch. But that's why I love him so much.

Somebody once recommended to listen to the video eyes closed. ;)


TOARU MAJUTSU NO INDEXbut that's what makes them so humane. With his arrogant nature and over-booming ego, Prussia was initially designed to be a villain-like character but somehow turned a lot dumber during time. Still his traits make him pretty realistic, and naturally he is an innate badass.

(And sorry, Youtube and copyrights hate me ^^')

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