Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The new hostel we went to (Pentlands) was pretty nice - a small clean hostel with a familiar atmosphere, located in Mt. Eden. Pretty weird: Mt. Eden (where the Eden Park - the rugby stadium is located) is a suburb about 30 minutes from the city centre, but it's so quiet and dozy there one could think it's an American provincial town.

After a few nights spent there we moved back to our old hostel because it's more central and I (Marcel) didn't want to murder that guy snoring in my room (god, I've never heard a guy snoring that loud!).

Because becoming drug dealers, Power Rangers, cleaners and all the other stuff we might or might not have applied for wasn't succesful, we realized that it is very very hard to fid a job in Auckland and decided to leave the town. So we had to cancel our appartement :(.

BUT we finally found a campervan (yay!), so leaving the town isn't a problem anymore.

Tomorrow we will move to another hostel (Nomad's Fat Camel) for 2 nights and when we get our van on Saturday we'll drive into Northland and go WWOOFing (working for accomodation and food, mostly on farms) and surfing if possible.

Well, now there isn't much more to tell you, we'll just provide you some pics:

Alabert Park (lovely little park in the city centre)

Watching Death note, playing worms, drinking beer and eating donuts - nice evening! (beer is actually quite good here, we have been surprised!)

Eden Park

Harbour Bridge Climb

Our awesome selfmade Paella (yes, our cooking skills are improving :D)

A small rainforest right here in Auckland (saw it during the City Tour)

The famous Sky Tower of Auckland

Aaaaaand we got a goddamn FLYING V ukulele - sweet as! :D

Cheerio, you people in the high north :D
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