Thursday, October 10, 2013

My relationship to Anime

It's been years since I watched anime, last one I remember picking up and actually enjoyed was Ouran High School Host Club. I sometimes watch afew episodes here and there, I think I've seen episode 9 "A Challenge from Lobelia Girls' Academy" at least ten times and I still think it's funny. After that series I never really picked up any, most of them looked all the same and I got bored, I turned to other interests and never looked back only watching a Ghibli movie or anything from Satoshi Kon once a year or so.

Thinking back at it there's very few anime's I watched overall, sure I've given them a try but almost all turned out to be a disappointment or I just got bored. Take Naruto for example, I was 13 I watched it with my friend. I watched up until their tests came or whatever that was and, I realized I didn't like it. It was 25 episodes of the same thing.

1. People staring at each other2. Long fights stretching over several episodes.3. Repeat the first two and you have 90% of the series.

This is the entire series I swear!

I will probably hear that I didn't give the series a chance, bla bla bla, the characters make it interesting, bla bla bla. True the characters might be interesting, it's one of the most famous anime's/manga's in the western world so obviously I'm missing something. It's just 20+ episodes of nothing an interesting character can't even save.

Now maybe long ongoing anime's aren't for me, let's give a shorter one a chance, success you have found something for you! I did find a few I liked, Ouran, Dragonhalf (lol wat?!), Death Note. Those where the one that stuck with me and still to some point do today, but those are only three. Out of thousands of anime's only three are some I enjoyed all the way through and I didn't suddenly feel like throwing something at the screen half way through.

Coming to the point. Over the past few weeks my tumblr has been flooded with fanart/screencaps/Idkwhat pictures/videos from an anime called Attack on Titan. Normally I just scroll past this and onto my Star Wars posts instead. However I found it harder and harder to ignore a huge skinless giant showing up on my dash again and again.

It's gross ok!

I gave in yesterday and started watching it while I was cleaning. around 7 episodes in I suddenly realized why I can't stand most anime.

It is the sounds, the god awful noises they make ALL the time! The "hnggg" "kyaaa" "nya" "ehhh". It's liek an infection in my ears. I want to watch something with interesting dialogue, where characters interact more than noises, cool action scenes where they kick butt. I can't focus and the whole thing stresses me out,. I found myself grinding my teeth out of annoyance. However I finished 13 episodes without really realising it. The plot was fairly interesting, the girls characters didn't make me bang my head against the wall, scenery was pretty. All the things I'm looking in any series. Even though it is filled with some clichcharacters it made the cut, I could look over all the random noises and the flaws. Attack on Titan you have my meaningless approval!

Maybe Anime isn't so bad after all, at least not the 1% I watched, however new titles come up all the time and I don't have the energy to go through them all. I don't hate anime it's just not for me with the once in awhile exception. I'm off to finish Attack on Titan now before I go back to my games, I'm going to save Tamriel from the Dragons!
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