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Hello to the person who reads this blog, in this blog you find a lot of about my life, tastes, hobbies and my biography.


was bornon August 18, 1997. My parents are Sebastian Hernandez Vargas and Beatriz Sanchez Mendoza

(My parent)

My dad is militar and my mom housewife, in his job he have to change of city frecuently, we was in Queretaro, Guanajuato, Morelia and other places that I forget because I am less than three years and in this time of our life the brain remember very little of this moments of your life,

When Ienter to the kinder i remember a lot of things o f this school called Merlin, because I act like this magican and a other things. when I have six my family moved to Atizapan of Zaragoza and this city i went to Amado Nervo in this schooli curse at the first school grade trought fifth year, in this grade my family moved to Queretaro and in Queretaro, we only stay one year and then we moved to irapuato, Guanajuato, I course sixth grade of primary, all my high school and part of my preparatory in this place I knew a lot of friend who marked my life, Like Alvaro, pepe, Jesus, Moises, raul and other

(My friends)

In Irapuato we stay for 4 years, this four years are the best years in my life, after the 4 years in Irapuato, we moved again to Atizapan of Zaragoza, but by this time I was in Tec, and i hce to change to the campus of the state, and in this short this is my life.


Actually I doesn't know my career, but I will study Robotics, animation,Game design or graphic designer, but I want to meet a pretty girl and marry with she. Travel to Japan, Spain, Venecia, and if resist this travels, ALL THE WORLD

My hobbies

I love play videogames and watch anime, in my favorites videogames are

* League of Legends

* Mario Bros

* Call of Duty and Battlefield

* Minecraft

* Beyondtowsouls

* Last of us

* Metal gear Solid

* Final Fantasy

* Heavy rains

And why I love videogames the answer is beacause I love a good histories but not only books have good stories , many of the videogames on the list have have such a good story that have 9 different endings and some of them make you cry.

And in others i like the online because I can relax killing all the enemies, play with my friends tahat had the videogame

And the anime is the same reason I am in search of good stories. I was tired of telenovelas and in the internet I found one anime called Digimon which I see in the Tv when I am 6 six years and watch it and view more and more anime and meet new and new.

In my list of animes favorites are

* Pokemon

* Digimon

* Dragon Ball Z

* Naruto

* Bleach

* One Piece

* Clannad (tha saddest anime in history)

* Code geass

* Death Note


In this course of english class I expected a lot of things that the most of them were fulfilled, Like

* Understand more programs in english

* View and read my favorites series in english before beforethe spanish version

* Improve my pronunciaton and reading

And the things that I liked of the course are the teacher that the teacher will understand easily, all the activities that we do.

And the only thing I didn t like is that the classroom was a disorded, all talks, many were sleeping or playing in their cellphones, and the teacher didn't do something. But is only this that I hate.




or us music is something essential in our lives, because we use it to concentrate and to be happy and peaceful. The melody is something important in a song because it is an element that tidying musical notes, but also in a song the lyrics are something important because in some occasions the lyrics make us feel in different way obviously depends the type of letters it could be about love, anger, sadness and more. Also the voice and the soundare important elements because this elements have to combine with the melody. When the song reaches a good combination with these elements makes us feel a very pleasant sensation.


Ibrahim: Good Morning Mr. Peniche

Luis: Good morning Mr Hernandez

Why are you dressed like that?

Ibrahim: I am going to a job interview

Luis:Wh bat are you saying?

This isn't the way to come dressed. You are very undressed. You need to come elegantand in style, I will help you.

Ibrahim: I don't wear these things in this job, because I don't need them.

Luis: But you will be in contact with a lot of people and you need to be formal.

And in this moment you are underdressed, old-fashioned and tacky.

Why don't you wear a suit and tie, you will look like an executive

Ibrahim: You are right . I will be back in a moment

Ibrahim:And now? Am I ok?

Luis:Yes you look modern and chic.

Ibrahim: One more thing that I need?

Luis: mmm let me see.

Yes, and you will need this (give glasses)

Ibrahim: Thank you

Ibrahim: He is right, but I don't understand why I need to wear a suit if I work as a pizza delivery guy
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