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Anime Characters?

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Alright, some of you may have noticed that in my reviews I don't talk much about the characters. This isn't that I don't care about characters, or that I don't think they are important to a show. It's that I care too much about them. You see, if I start talking about characters and their interactions, that is going to double the length of my reviews, and I already feel like some of the posts I put out there are getting a bit long.

I've said before that HIGURASHI and CODE GEASS are some of my favorite anime and pretty much the entire reason for this has to do with the characters. I'm going to try and save all my high praise for Higurashi until I eventually get around to doing a Rave about it, but I will take a minute to talk about characters from Code Geass here.

I think, more than any other anime, I miss the characters from Code Geass. And I don't mean that in a "AhI wonder what Suzaku is up to nowadays " kinda way. I mean in a "T-T I haven't seen Kallen in Foreverrrrrr." kinda way. I wonder what they are up to now, I wonder how they feel about each others actions, I wonder about the regrets that they have, if they have any new plansI would pretty much want to know anything they're doing past the ending of the second season.

And don't get me wrong, Code Geass has, in my opinion, the best ending in all of animedom. The way Lelouch sacrifices himself for the good of the world was one of the endings I didn't see coming from a mile away, but after thinking about it made so much sense to me. The best part about the ending is that you don't even have to consider that Lelouch is dead. There is a pretty valid theory out there that he inherited the Code from his father, which would have activated after Suzaku killed him. So if you were with the C.C. x Lelouch pairing, this is pretty much the ultimate end for you, since they can practically spend eternity with one another now.

As I get older that is the pairing I tend to lean towards now. When I watched it for the first time though I was all for Kallen x Lelouch. This is an interesting match up since the majority of the feelings are on Kallen's side. Specially in the second season where she has to reconcile the fact that the figure she loves, Zero, ends up being a classmate she tended to dislike a bit. Take into account that she thinks that Lelouch forced these feelings on her with his Geass, and it really is a very interesting relationship which never completely works itself out. Sure she kisses him, finally, towards the end of the show, but he is so wrapped up in his plan to die at that point that he has no chance of develop any more feelings for her. It's probably the saddest relationship cause it has no chance.

Some of you might go, "Um, excuse me? Shirely x Lelouch is definitely the saddest relationship." And yeah, it's sad that Shirley dies. In fact, that is probably one of the saddest moments I've ever seen, but as she herself points out as she's dying, that probably isn't going to be the end of their relationship. She kept on falling in love with him again and again each time her memory gets wiped, why would she not fall in love with him again when she is reincarnated? If you think about it that way (which I do) and if you think that Lelouch is now immortal (which I do), she has the chance to fall in love with him over and over again, giving us a completely different kind of immortal relationship like we would have with C.C.

I could go on about relationships in that show, the bromanc between Suzaku and Lelouch and the tons of relationships that minor characters have with each other, but I'd rather move onto something else. In fact, I'd like to talk about something that bugs me a little bit. That being the way Lelouch gets compared to Light Yagami from DEATH NOTE.

Now don't get me wrong, I like Death Note. I read the manga and watched the anime both when they were coming out. (They are practically the same thing, btw. It's just that the anime makes the second half of the show mercifully shorter.) And the reason they get compared to each other is fairly obvious, since they are both people trying to fight the system secretly with the mystical power they've been given by someone else. (Just got to say C.C. is waaaaaaay hotter than Ryuk though.) Both use complex plans to think several steps ahead of their enemy. And both die at the end of their series. However, Light dies like a bitch while Lelouch dies king of the world.

And I think the thing you have to take into account here is intent. If you think about it. Lelouch probably killed way more innocent people that Light did. While Light did kill people other than criminals eventually, Lelouch also caused the deaths of civilians in his battles. Which I don't think he even thought about until he accidentally caused the death of Shirley's father. However, I will still pick Lelouch over Light any day of the week because Lelouch was either doing it for his sister or for the greater good of the world. Whereas Light is always just out for himself. Light was good at pretending to care about others (just as Lelouch was good at pretending not to care about others) but you get no points for faking feelings from me. I guess I am saying they are characters with similar circumstances, with fairly different personalities, which makes a world of difference to me.

I think that's enough. I could do way more, trust me, but I feel I've rambled long enough. As this post might have shown, it's hard to express what you really like about character without getting into spoiler country, which is another reason I tend to only give the bare bones of information about them. Perhaps in future I will find some way to cover them a little more. Either by talking about the cast as a whole or by giving them a rating (le gasp!), but for now I still intend to gloss over them.

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