Saturday, February 1, 2014

Favorite Animes?

I love any animes with action, adventure, violence, mild blood, horror(no psychodramas), comedy, supernatural, and awesome fighting.

For anyone reading this, here is a (not) complete list of my favorite animes, just for like reference or some shit like that:

* Hetalia

* Darker Than Black

* Black Butler

* Project K

* Togainu No Chi

* Soul Eater

* Space Dandy(I just recently started watching this on Toonami, it is hilarious((well to me it is)) )

* Another

* Death Note

* Durarara!!

* Baccano!!

* Ao No Exorcist

* Pandora Hearts

* Angel Beats!

* Clannad

* Hellsing

Like I already said, this is not even close to the complete list of animes I have seen, just a couple.
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